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We recognise that the success of your business depends on helping clients achieve their real goals. As one of the world's leading investment companies, we'll help you do just that. Our multi-asset investing approach, diverse range of funds and business support make it easier for you to help your clients reach their desired outcomes.

Why partner with Russell?

  • Our multi-asset approach enables you to offer funds which benefit from cost-effective diversification, holistic and dynamic management and simple administration.View benefits in more detail.
  • Our multi-manager approach of combining multiple specialist managers with complementary skills sets enable to you offer solutions which provide more consistent returns, reduced risk than single manager alternatives and extra sources of return.View benefits in more detail.
  • Working with a well-resourced partner that has been running multi-asset funds since 1980 provides additional resources so that you can focus on the decisions that matter to you, complementary specialist services that help you provide a more complete service and additional investment insights which aid you make more informed decisions.

Supporting your business

We are here to help you stay informed and make more insightful decisions through our insights and research. Read more on our:

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