10 Yr. U.S. Treasury Yield
Monthly Values (%): April '53 - May '24
+/- 1 standard deviation of US Government 10 Year U.S. Treasury Yield figures fall into this range.
-50.05101520'53'55'60'65'70'75'80'85'90'95'00'05'10'15'20'242.83Apr '533.05May '533.11Jun '532.93Jul '532.95Aug '532.87Sep '532.66Oct '532.68Nov '532.59Dec '532.48Jan '542.47Feb '542.37Mar '542.29Apr '542.37May '542.38Jun '542.30Jul '542.36Aug '542.38Sep '542.43Oct '542.48Nov '542.51Dec '542.61Jan '552.65Feb '552.68Mar '552.75Apr '552.76May '552.78Jun '552.90Jul '552.97Aug '552.97Sep '552.88Oct '552.89Nov '552.96Dec '552.90Jan '562.84Feb '562.96Mar '563.18Apr '563.07May '563.00Jun '563.11Jul '563.33Aug '563.38Sep '563.34Oct '563.49Nov '563.59Dec '563.46Jan '573.34Feb '573.41Mar '573.48Apr '573.60May '573.80Jun '573.93Jul '573.93Aug '573.92Sep '573.97Oct '573.72Nov '573.21Dec '573.09Jan '583.05Feb '582.98Mar '582.88Apr '582.92May '582.97Jun '583.20Jul '583.54Aug '583.76Sep '583.80Oct '583.74Nov '583.86Dec '584.02Jan '593.96Feb '593.99Mar '594.12Apr '594.31May '594.34Jun '594.40Jul '594.43Aug '594.68Sep '594.53Oct '594.53Nov '594.69Dec '594.72Jan '604.49Feb '604.25Mar '604.28Apr '604.35May '604.15Jun '603.90Jul '603.80Aug '603.80Sep '603.89Oct '603.93Nov '603.84Dec '603.84Jan '613.78Feb '613.74Mar '613.78Apr '613.71May '613.88Jun '613.92Jul '614.04Aug '613.98Sep '613.92Oct '613.94Nov '614.06Dec '614.10Jan '624.00Feb '623.86Mar '623.86Apr '623.90May '624.00Jun '624.04Jul '623.96Aug '623.94Sep '623.92Oct '623.92Nov '623.85Dec '623.87Jan '633.94Feb '633.95Mar '633.95Apr '633.96May '634.00Jun '634.00Jul '634.02Aug '634.07Sep '634.15Oct '634.08Nov '634.14Dec '634.15Jan '644.18Feb '644.23Mar '644.22Apr '644.19May '644.15Jun '644.19Jul '644.21Aug '644.18Sep '644.16Oct '644.20Nov '644.21Dec '644.19Jan '654.22Feb '654.20Mar '654.21Apr '654.23May '654.20Jun '654.22Jul '654.27Aug '654.35Sep '654.41Oct '654.48Nov '654.65Dec '654.69Jan '665.02Feb '664.71Mar '664.79Apr '664.80May '664.97Jun '665.05Jul '665.36Aug '665.02Sep '664.97Oct '665.12Nov '664.64Dec '664.52Jan '674.72Feb '674.50Mar '674.78Apr '674.81May '675.22Jun '675.16Jul '675.27Aug '675.31Sep '675.64Oct '675.74Nov '675.70Dec '675.54Jan '685.56Feb '685.76Mar '685.74Apr '685.86May '685.64Jun '685.39Jul '685.42Aug '685.49Sep '685.61Oct '685.78Nov '686.16Dec '686.19Jan '696.26Feb '696.30Mar '696.20Apr '696.53May '696.73Jun '696.66Jul '696.83Aug '697.51Sep '696.94Oct '697.29Nov '697.88Dec '697.75Jan '706.90Feb '707.08Mar '707.82Apr '707.95May '707.68Jun '707.38Jul '707.49Aug '707.29Sep '707.33Oct '706.49Nov '706.50Dec '706.09Jan '716.14Feb '715.53Mar '716.08Apr '716.38May '716.70Jun '716.85Jul '716.28Aug '716.00Sep '715.87Oct '715.93Nov '715.89Dec '716.09Jan '726.04Feb '726.11Mar '726.14Apr '726.05May '726.15Jun '726.12Jul '726.42Aug '726.54Sep '726.41Oct '726.28Nov '726.41Dec '726.54Jan '736.64Feb '736.73Mar '736.70Apr '736.93May '736.94Jun '737.43Jul '737.25Aug '736.90Sep '736.71Oct '736.69Nov '736.90Dec '737.00Jan '747.01Feb '747.41Mar '747.66Apr '747.52May '747.64Jun '747.89Jul '748.11Aug '747.94Sep '747.79Oct '747.64Nov '747.40Dec '747.53Jan '757.46Feb '758.01Mar '758.31Apr '758.04May '757.96Jun '758.20Jul '758.22Aug '758.48Sep '757.91Oct '758.14Nov '757.76Dec '757.80Jan '767.77Feb '767.66Mar '767.67Apr '767.96May '767.86Jun '767.86Jul '767.66Aug '767.55Sep '767.42Oct '767.01Nov '766.81Dec '767.40Jan '777.45Feb '777.42Mar '777.45Apr '777.38May '777.20Jun '777.42Jul '777.28Aug '777.41Sep '777.62Oct '777.55Nov '777.78Dec '777.94Jan '788.04Feb '788.15Mar '788.24Apr '788.42May '788.62Jun '788.56Jul '788.39Aug '788.56Sep '788.96Oct '788.86Nov '789.15Dec '788.95Jan '799.17Feb '799.11Mar '799.35Apr '799.06May '798.81Jun '799.01Jul '799.24Aug '799.44Sep '7910.72Oct '7910.38Nov '7910.33Dec '7911.13Jan '8012.72Feb '8012.64Mar '8010.76Apr '8010.25May '8010.09Jun '8010.76Jul '8011.55Aug '8011.86Sep '8012.46Oct '8012.72Nov '8012.43Dec '8012.68Jan '8113.43Feb '8113.13Mar '8114.11Apr '8113.50May '8113.86Jun '8114.67Jul '8115.41Aug '8115.84Sep '8114.63Oct '8113.13Nov '8113.98Dec '8114.14Jan '8214.03Feb '8214.18Mar '8213.87Apr '8213.71May '8214.44Jun '8213.68Jul '8212.81Aug '8211.73Sep '8210.71Oct '8210.79Nov '8210.36Dec '8210.80Jan '8310.27Feb '8310.62Mar '8310.27Apr '8310.81May '8310.96Jun '8311.76Jul '8311.98Aug '8311.44Sep '8311.74Oct '8311.63Nov '8311.82Dec '8311.67Jan '8412.04Feb '8412.53Mar '8412.82Apr '8413.91May '8413.84Jun '8412.91Jul '8412.79Aug '8412.47Sep '8411.79Oct '8411.58Nov '8411.55Dec '8411.17Jan '8511.91Feb '8511.65Mar '8511.41Apr '8510.28May '8510.25Jun '8510.57Jul '8510.28Aug '8510.31Sep '8510.01Oct '859.59Nov '859.00Dec '859.08Jan '868.13Feb '867.39Mar '867.38Apr '868.05May '867.35Jun '867.34Jul '866.95Aug '867.45Sep '867.34Oct '867.15Nov '867.23Dec '867.18Jan '877.19Feb '877.51Mar '878.21Apr '878.49May '878.38Jun '878.66Jul '879.00Aug '879.63Sep '878.88Oct '878.99Nov '878.83Dec '878.26Jan '888.16Feb '888.57Mar '888.87Apr '889.20May '888.82Jun '889.12Jul '889.25Aug '888.87Sep '888.65Oct '889.06Nov '889.14Dec '889.01Jan '899.32Feb '899.30Mar '899.02Apr '898.60May '898.10Jun '897.82Jul '898.26Aug '898.31Sep '897.92Oct '897.84Nov '897.93Dec '898.43Jan '908.51Feb '908.65Mar '909.04Apr '908.60May '908.43Jun '908.36Jul '908.86Aug '908.82Sep '908.65Oct '908.26Nov '908.08Dec '908.03Jan '918.02Feb '918.10Mar '918.02Apr '918.06May '918.24Jun '918.20Jul '917.82Aug '917.47Sep '917.47Oct '917.38Nov '916.71Dec '917.31Jan '927.27Feb '927.54Mar '927.61Apr '927.33May '927.14Jun '926.72Jul '926.62Aug '926.37Sep '926.80Oct '926.95Nov '926.70Dec '926.39Jan '936.03Feb '936.03Mar '936.05Apr '936.16May '935.80Jun '935.83Jul '935.45Aug '935.40Sep '935.43Oct '935.83Nov '935.83Dec '935.70Jan '946.15Feb '946.77Mar '947.06Apr '947.17May '947.34Jun '947.12Jul '947.19Aug '947.62Sep '947.81Oct '947.91Nov '947.84Dec '947.60Jan '957.22Feb '957.20Mar '957.07Apr '956.30May '956.21Jun '956.45Jul '956.28Aug '956.17Sep '956.03Oct '955.76Nov '955.58Dec '955.60Jan '966.13Feb '966.34Mar '966.66Apr '966.85May '966.73Jun '966.80Jul '966.96Aug '966.72Sep '966.37Oct '966.06Nov '966.43Dec '966.53Jan '976.56Feb '976.92Mar '976.72Apr '976.67May '976.51Jun '976.02Jul '976.34Aug '976.12Sep '975.84Oct '975.86Nov '975.75Dec '975.53Jan '985.62Feb '985.67Mar '985.68Apr '985.56May '985.44Jun '985.50Jul '985.05Aug '984.44Sep '984.64Oct '984.74Nov '984.65Dec '984.66Jan '995.29Feb '995.25Mar '995.36Apr '995.64May '995.81Jun '995.92Jul '995.98Aug '995.90Sep '996.02Oct '996.18Nov '996.45Dec '996.68Jan '006.42Feb '006.03Mar '006.23Apr '006.29May '006.03Jun '006.04Jul '005.73Aug '005.80Sep '005.77Oct '005.48Nov '005.12Dec '005.19Jan '014.92Feb '014.93Mar '015.35Apr '015.43May '015.42Jun '015.07Jul '014.85Aug '014.60Sep '014.30Oct '014.78Nov '015.07Dec '015.07Jan '024.88Feb '025.38Mar '025.11Apr '025.08May '024.86Jun '024.51Jul '024.14Aug '023.63Sep '023.93Oct '024.22Nov '023.83Dec '024.00Jan '033.71Feb '033.83Mar '033.89Apr '033.37May '033.54Jun '034.49Jul '034.45Aug '033.96Sep '034.33Oct '034.34Nov '034.27Dec '034.16Jan '043.99Feb '043.86Mar '044.53Apr '044.66May '044.62Jun '044.50Jul '044.13Aug '044.14Sep '044.05Oct '044.36Nov '044.24Dec '044.14Jan '054.36Feb '054.50Mar '054.21Apr '054.00May '053.94Jun '054.28Jul '054.02Aug '054.34Sep '054.57Oct '054.49Nov '054.39Dec '054.53Jan '064.55Feb '064.86Mar '065.07Apr '065.12May '065.15Jun '064.99Jul '064.74Aug '064.64Sep '064.61Oct '064.46Nov '064.71Dec '064.83Jan '074.56Feb '074.65Mar '074.63Apr '074.90May '075.03Jun '074.78Jul '074.54Aug '074.59Sep '074.48Oct '073.97Nov '074.04Dec '073.67Jan '083.53Feb '083.45Mar '083.77Apr '084.06May '083.99Jun '083.99Jul '083.83Aug '083.85Sep '084.01Oct '082.93Nov '082.25Dec '082.87Jan '093.02Feb '092.71Mar '093.16Apr '093.47May '093.53Jun '093.52Jul '093.40Aug '093.31Sep '093.41Oct '093.21Nov '093.85Dec '093.63Jan '103.61Feb '103.84Mar '103.69Apr '103.31May '102.97Jun '102.94Jul '102.47Aug '102.53Sep '102.63Oct '102.81Nov '103.30Dec '103.42Jan '113.42Feb '113.47Mar '113.32Apr '113.05May '113.18Jun '112.82Jul '112.23Aug '111.92Sep '112.17Oct '112.08Nov '111.89Dec '111.83Jan '121.98Feb '122.23Mar '121.95Apr '121.59May '121.67Jun '121.51Jul '121.57Aug '121.65Sep '121.72Oct '121.62Nov '121.78Dec '122.02Jan '131.89Feb '131.87Mar '131.70Apr '132.16May '132.52Jun '132.60Jul '132.78Aug '132.64Sep '132.57Oct '132.75Nov '133.04Dec '132.67Jan '142.66Feb '142.73Mar '142.67Apr '142.48May '142.53Jun '142.58Jul '142.35Aug '142.52Sep '142.35Oct '142.18Nov '142.17Dec '141.68Jan '152.00Feb '151.94Mar '152.05Apr '152.12May '152.35Jun '152.20Jul '152.21Aug '152.06Sep '152.16Oct '152.21Nov '152.27Dec '151.94Jan '161.74Feb '161.78Mar '161.83Apr '161.84May '161.49Jun '161.46Jul '161.58Aug '161.60Sep '161.84Oct '162.37Nov '162.45Dec '162.45Jan '172.36Feb '172.40Mar '172.29Apr '172.21May '172.31Jun '172.30Jul '172.12Aug '172.33Sep '172.38Oct '172.42Nov '172.40Dec '172.72Jan '182.87Feb '182.74Mar '182.95Apr '182.83May '182.85Jun '182.96Jul '182.86Aug '183.05Sep '183.15Oct '183.01Nov '182.69Dec '182.63Jan '192.73Feb '192.41Mar '192.51Apr '192.14May '192.00Jun '192.02Jul '191.50Aug '191.68Sep '191.69Oct '191.78Nov '191.92Dec '191.51Jan '201.13Feb '20.70Mar '20.64Apr '20.65May '20.66Jun '20.55Jul '20.72Aug '20.69Sep '20.88Oct '20.84Nov '20.93Dec '201.11Jan '211.44Feb '211.74Mar '211.65Apr '211.58May '211.45Jun '211.24Jul '211.30Aug '211.52Sep '211.55Oct '211.43Nov '211.52Dec '211.79Jan '221.83Feb '222.32Mar '222.89Apr '222.85May '222.98Jun '222.67Jul '223.15Aug '223.83Sep '224.10Oct '223.68Nov '223.88Dec '223.52Jan '233.92Feb '233.48Mar '233.44Apr '233.64May '233.81Jun '233.97Jul '234.09Aug '234.59Sep '234.88Oct '234.37Nov '233.88Dec '233.99Jan '244.25Feb '244.20Mar '244.69Apr '244.51May '244.51

Data represent historical month end values

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

  • The average interest rate on the 10 year U.S. Treasury note issued by the U.S. Government.

Why is it important?

  • It is important because it is seen as a benchmark for interest rate movements and borrowing costs in the economy.

How do we interpret it?

  • Rising value levels indicate increasing interest rates. Decreasing value levels indicate the opposite.

Typical historical range

  • As of December 31, 2023, +/- 1 standard deviation* of historical month-end values have ranged from 2.64% to 8.49%.1

12 month trend