Award-winning services for the design and management of an effective defined contribution plan.1


Award-winning services for the design and management of an effective defined contribution plan.1

Guiding your participants toward better decision-making as they save for retirement

Helping improve retirement outcomes for retirement plan participants is a key goal of DC plan sponsors. We're dedicated to helping you employ best practices in plan design, investments, and implementation.

Defined contribution outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) solutions

Maintain control of what is important to you; delegate the rest.

Like many fiduciaries, plan sponsors may find that keeping up with defined contribution regulatory requirements, plan design changes, and oversight of investment managers, recordkeepers, trustees, and custodians are draining limited resources. Outsourcing may be the answer.


Plan sponsors may benefit from engaging us as a co-fiduciary for:

  • DC plan design
  • Investment manager search and ongoing management
  • Participant communications
  • Recordkeeper searches and oversight 

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Outsourcing for a DC plan can take many forms, from limited scope duties such as investment manager selection and monitoring to full plan management and administration. For more than 30 years, we have provided award-winning1 fiduciary management services to corporate retirement plans.


What is the forecast for defined contribution plans in today's marketplace? View key challenges and related opportunities facing DC plan sponsors and advisors.

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Defined contribution investments

The default option is increasing in importance

Target date funds have become the most popular DC plan QDIA (qualified default investment alternative) option because they offer a simple, sound investment strategy that helps streamline retirement savings. Target date funds aren't for everyone, however. We offer other default investment strategy options designed to meet the unique needs of your plan and your participants. We believe a well-built investment menu designed for several types of investors can help drive better outcomes for participants.

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Multi-manager Institutional
& Custom funds

Target Date Funds

Outcome-oriented funds built to provide access to some of the best researched money managers. We also have custom target date funds, which are specially tailored to your plan's unique needs.

View our Target Date Funds

Dynamic fund

multi-asset funds

For diversification within multiple asset classes.

Funds and strategies

The evolution
of default investing 

Managed Accounts

Managed accounts solutions customized to individual participants.


Learn about Managed Accounts

DC Retirement Plan Handbook

This handbook provides a practical overview, helping you better understand today’s DC market and prevailing best practices as you build a plan to help meet participants’ retirement income needs within the context of meeting your fiduciary obligations.

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1 Russell Investments was ranked as the top global manager of institutional outsourced assets, out of 34 firms, in CIO Magazine’s “2018 Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Survey, based on the AUM from its fully discretionary clients. View our industry awards, here.

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