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Investing isn’t easy. If you’re responsible for institutional investment decisions for a non-profit organization, a pension plan, defined contribution plan, hospital or health system, we understand the complex landscape you are navigating. We can help.

Investment outsourcing options for fiduciaries 

As a CEO, CFO, CIO, Trustee, Board Member, or Investment Committee member, you’ve got a lot on your plate. As is often the case when managing complexity, delegation and oversight are key. Delegating some of your current investment responsibilities to a trusted, award-winning co-fiduciary can let you re-focus on oversight and strategic decisions.

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What is investment outsourcing?

There are a lot of competing terms in the marketplace. Fiduciary management. Outsourced CIO. Implemented consulting. Multi-asset solutions. OCIO. All the terminology boils down to one basic value proposition: the idea that your investment program might be improved by delegating some day-to-day management responsibilities to a trusted provider.

In our experience, it’s possible to not only delegate many of your current duties, but to dramatically enhance the sophistication and oversight of your investment program at the same time. Given your limited in-house resources Russell Investments can effectively serve as an extension of your staff–something we’ve been doing for our clients for 35 years.

Your goals are unique. Your investment solution should be, too.

Every organization is different. Russell Investments creates customized investment programs that tailor the level of outsourcing discretion to your needs. It’s up to you to decide how you want to work with us.

The Russell Investments difference

When it comes to helping you achieve your goals, we believe that having all of the right capabilities under one roof creates opportunities that otherwise don't exist. Capabilities that help clients achieve their goals:

  • Advice. With almost 50 years of advisory experience, and 37 years as an OCIO provider, we have experience working with some of the world's most sophisticated investors to help achieve successful, long-term outcomes. Our industry-leading manager research capabilities and capital markets insights are part and parcel of the advice we deliver. Learn more about our consulting and investment advice

  • Investment management. We will seek out the best investment strategies for you—whether they are internal to Russell Investments or exist elsewhere and combine them into a multi-asset portfolio designed to deliver the results you require. Learn more about our investment management solutions

  • Implementation. You deserve industry-leading research and award-winning implementation services. Thought leadership and access to innovative, results-oriented strategies like tactical portfolio tilting, dynamic de-risking, strategic overlays, and more. You can delegate these operational details to Russell Investments while you focus on oversight and the strategic decisions that matter most. Learn more about our implementation services

  • Flexibility in levels of discretion. Every client is different: Different objectives, different organizational structures, different needs. With four decades of experience designing investment solutions for clients around the globe, we are experts at designing individualized programs that also leverage Russell Investments' scale and buying power.

  • Operational efficiency. Our solutions often include administrative features such as trust/custody, audit support, cash management, rebalancing, fiduciary and regulatory compliance, and many other aspects of daily account administration—another important way in which our experienced team can act as an extension of your staff.

We know that there's more than money at stake. People are counting on the success of your efforts. We're here to help. It's Russell Investments' purpose: improving financial security for people.

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