Centralised management of multi-manager portfolios.

What is Enhanced Portfolio Implementation (EPI)?

Enhanced Portfolio Implementation (EPI) is a platform designed to address inefficiencies, reduce costs and give greater control for investors who use multiple managers or strategies.

Accomplished by first transforming Investment managers portfolios into advisory models, EPI combines all models and investment insights into one centrally managed segregated account.

Providing solutions to your daily challenges

Traditional multi-manager portfolios appoint investment managers that provide both the idea generation and implementation of their portfolio allocation.

However, when managers implement their portion of the portfolio independently from one another this can create additional complexity, cost and operational challenges for the asset owner.

Re-thinking the traditional structure

Anchored by proprietary technology integration and 15 years of experience, EPI helps investors rethink how to construct multi-manager strategies that unlock new opportunities while recouping unnecessary costs.

Enhanced Portfolio Implementation (EPI) structure

Source: Russell Investments. For illustrative purposes only.

Why Russell Investments for enhanced portfolio implementation?

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Utilising investment models

A proprietary implementation platform designed to access active equity management through advisory models implemented in a single segregated account, rather than multiple segregated or pooled accounts.

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Centralised execution
and customisation

When working within multi-manager/strategy, we believe there should be coordination of both physical and currency trades. EPI also considers the tax implications at the total portfolio level.

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Single point of control

Manage cash flows, investment manager changes, guideline monitoring, exclusions, reconciliation, transaction reporting – all in the same account with a single instruction point.

EPI is a powerful tool to implement additional portfolio opportunities

Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)1

The application of ESG criteria within investment portfolios has gained significant traction in recent years due to increased awareness of sustainability and responsible investing. EPI offers a powerful methodology for aligning investment portfolios with specific ESG mandates, including carbon footprint.

Investment manager selection

Using model investments provided by Russell Investments, based on partnerships with selected global managers, helps optimise portfolio management, potentially reduce costs, and simplify the often-complex process of active manager selection and contracting. We aim to offer investors more efficient access to diversified investment strategies while navigating the challenges of managing active investments.

An experienced, well-resourced global outsourced trading team

15 years





Managers have used our EPI programme globally

£58 B


Source: Russell Investments, as at 31 December 2022.


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