Multi-Asset Growth Strategy

Participating in the upside of growth with less volatility.

Why Multi-Asset Growth?

Multi-Asset Growth strategies offer steady growth for investors who are seeking equity-like returns, but with lower volatility against today’s uncertain market backdrop. It gives investors the opportunity to participate in the upside, whilst also protecting against the downside.

Why Russell Investments?

The Fund dynamically combines a range of traditional asset classes and alternative approaches to smooth the ride and achieve your real growth goals. Our approach identifies promising strategies and managers early in their life-cycle to give you early access to new products and specialist ideas.

Investor benefits



  • Dynamically managed asset allocation to exploit market inefficiencies
  • Management of total portfolio risk, full visibility and control


Robust process

  • Effective diversification, utilising a wide range of instruments
  • Top-down and bottom-up research, generating insights and market awareness


Track record

  • 30-years of practical experience and comprehensive data modelling
  • A seven-year track record which has performed consistently well versus peers

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