Are you purpose-driven?

We're a leading global investment solutions partner that values its employees, loves to exceed client expectations, and embraces intellectual curiosity. Above all else, we strive to fulfill our purpose of improving people's financial security. If you share our passion for purpose-driven work, discover your next career opportunity with Russell Investments.

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Benefits for our employees

Our goal is to keep our people happy and healthy. That is why we offer a competitive benefits package that is in line with the local market.

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Career Development

Creative minds never stop learning. We provide education assistance and offer several programmes for professional development.

  • Sponsorship of job-related professional certifications, such as CFAs and other designations.
  • Tuition assistance up to an equivalent of £4,500 in a calendar year for tuition, registration, books and other expenses for qualifying courses and programmes after one year of employment.
  • In-house competency and skill-building electives.
  • Russell Investments Mentoring Programme.

Company Values

Everyday, we seek to improve financial security for people. Russell Investments' people and values are the foundation of our company and the reason for our long-term success.

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We behave with non-negotiable integrity.

  • We aspire to a higher set of values than required by law.
  • We prove ourselves worthy of our clients’ trust through our everyday actions and how we behave when no one is watching.
  • "Why" and "How" are sacred words to us. Our motives and our actions matter.
  • We take calculated risks, but never with our integrity.
  • We understand the million little decisions we make daily define our culture and sets the trajectory of our firm.
  • We quickly translate mistakes into valuable lessons. We communicate them, take responsibility for them, analyze them, share them, and vow never to repeat them.
  • We delegate authority, but never responsibility.
  • We are fierce, but fair, competitors. Our ethics stay intact irrespective of the situation or the behavior of others.
  • We foster and encourage environment-friendly policies and practices.

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We value our people and are dedicated to fostering a meritocracy. Our pillars are inclusivity, humanity, fairness, hard work, creativity, teamwork, fun, and humility.

  • We seek out opinions and views that differ from our own, embracing diversity of thought which inspires better solutions for our clients.
  • We encourage debate and open communication. Our leaders expect constructive feedback and actively promote an idea of meritocracy.
  • We face facts, knowing our future is only as strong as our willingness to confront our current reality.
  • We strive to be one of the best companies to work for.
  • We have a performance culture focused on measurable and sustainable results.
  • We know that who we hire is who we become. We will fearlessly and aggressively hire people who will make us better.
  • We embrace a growth mindset. When our people grow, our clients grow, and our firm grows. We are vested in supporting each other to reach our highest potential.
  • We care about each other’s well-being and value each other as individuals irrespective of roles or titles.
  • We give people the respect they deserve by giving them timely, candid feedback directly. We do not shy away from difficult conversations, but give feedback in the spirit of building someone up rather than tearing them down.
  • We understand people bond with people. We recognize when phone calls are better than emails, and face to face is better than phone calls.

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We play to win by exceeding client expectations and executing with a sense of urgency and purpose.

  • We are action oriented. We identify problems and take ownership—“I’m not required to, I’m not paid to, It’s not my job to…” are not in our vocabulary.
  • We put our clients’ interests first—then our firm, our team, and ourselves.
  • We viciously prioritize our energy and time to focus on driving sustainable value to our clients and sustainable growth for our firm.
  • We are fanatical about each client. We put forth the time and effort to understand them. We listen to them, care about them as individuals, work to identify their needs before they do, know that execution supersedes intention, and strive to become their irreplaceable strategic advisors.
  • We harness our global reach and capabilities to benefit our clients, knowing our impact is greater as a global firm than a collection of local offices.
  • We are stewards of our clients’ fees. We will not waste money or time on things that don’t translate into client impact and success.

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We are passionate investors who embrace intellectual curiosity and rigor.

  • We examine and question with vigilance. We have independence of thought and clarity of purpose.
  • We embrace problem solving and innovation to succeed in an investment landscape of increasing complexity, sophistication and precision.
  • We stay true to our investing compass. We are disciplined and process-oriented, understanding we must deviate from consensus to add value.
  • We focus on the total portfolio wherever possible to best solve our client’s problems.
  • We embrace an open architecture approach, seeking the best capabilities possible.
  • We believe that informed diversification is the closest thing to a free lunch, reducing risk while allowing strong returns to be preserved.
  • We do not closet index. We ensure there is real value for clients in any diversification we seek.
  • We have understandable quantitative models and a structured process to keep us grounded, avoiding the fear and greed which undermines even the best investors.

Diversity, equity, & inclusion at Russell Investments

Diversity is an integral part of our long-term growth that adds richness to our culture and value to our community.

Russell Investments is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all associates and employment applicants regardless of race, religion, ancestry, creed, color, gender (including gender identity which refers to a person's actual or perceived sex, and includes self-image, appearance, behavior or expression, whether or not different from that traditionally associated with a person's biological sex), age, national origin, citizen status, disability, medical condition, military status, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, past or present unemployment status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

What to expect during the application process

What happens after I've submitted an application?

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After your application has been received, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you. A recruiter will review your skills and experience and if you are a fit for the position, they will reach out to you to conduct a phone screening. Only candidates who are selected for further screening will be contacted. All other applicants will remain in our recruiting database.

After the phone screen, if the recruiter feels you meet the qualifications, they will present your application profile to the hiring manager. After this, you may be selected for further phone and/or in-person interviews.

What happens if I'm selected for an interview?

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Interviews may be conducted by phone, video, and/or in-person. Typically there are two to three sets of interviews in the process where you will meet with several Russell Investments associates. These associates will be interested in learning more about your experience and qualifications, how you might perform in the position, and how you may contribute to the business and the firm’s culture. Subsequently, you will have a chance to learn more about the role and Russell Investments to ensure the position is also a fit for your career interests.

What happens if I'm selected for the position?

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If you’re selected for the position, you will receive a formal job offer which will result in an official offer letter or contract. All offers are contingent upon a successful background and reference check. Your start date at the firm will be an agreement between you and your new manager.