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7 AUGUST 2019

Stocks sell off as trade war intensifies

Paul Eitelman

An escalating China-U.S. trade war sent stocks reeling, as markets weighed potential impacts to U.S. consumer spending, corporate earnings and job growth.

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1 August 2019

July rate cut: Muted inflation allows Fed to provide some insurance. Markets wanted more

Paul Eitelman

The Fed lowered its benchmark interest rate for the first time in over a decade yesterday, but stocks still moved lower. Why?

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31 JULY 2019

Go counterintuitive with our summer reading list

Pete Gunning

Our annual summer reading list, with a twist: Our top 3 books on counterintuitive thinking.

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26 JULY 2019

Q2 2019 Equity Manager Report: Piggybacking on the positives

Gabriel Sauma

How did active equity managers fare during Q2? Check out the latest insights from our manager research team.

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19 JULY 2019

When it comes to ESG and performance, can you have your cake and eat it too?

Leola Ross

We believe we can deliver an ESG mandate while also delivering strong performance.

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9 JULY 2019

From black to blue: Moving the climate focus beyond carbon and on to water

Emily Steinbarth

In our latest research we move the climate conversation from carbon onto water and look at water-stress exposure in an investment portfolio.

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Q3 2019 Global Market Outlook:
China Syndrome

China stimulus, global central bank easing and a U.S.-China trade-war ceasefire could set the scene for a rebound in the global economy later in the year. However, the inversion of the U.S. yield curve and the downtrend in business confidence indicators keep us cautious at mid-year.

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