Russell Investments
Multicultural Network

Our mission:

The Multicultural Network aims to promote a culture of inclusiveness and sense of community among all Russell Investments associates including those with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds in support of Russell Investments’ overall business objectives.

Our role in the Russell Investments community:

The Multicultural Network (MCN) is open to all associates. We believe that our community is enriched when it encompasses a wide cross-section of ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. The objective of the network is to support our associates through events and activities that provide an opportunity for networking, professional development, education, and community outreach. Take a look at some examples below: 

  • Networking: The MCN helps connect Russell Investments associates with other professionals across a variety of cultural lines through networking opportunities. 

  • Professional development:  The MCN continues to co-sponsor meetings with Russell Investments' in-house Toastmasters chapter to help associates improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

  • Education:  To acknowledge and appreciate the cultural diversity that exists within Russell Investments as a global company, the MCN holds events with regional executives at Russell Investments to share their experiences working in their local offices. Topics include: Personal experiences in multicultural environments (such as relocating to and working within different regions or countries); interesting or unique cultural aspects of various regions; working within a culturally diverse or homogeneous environment; and the importance of cultural diversity in the workplace.

  • Community outreach:  The network continues to partner with the broader Seattle community via cooperation with various community organizations focused on local ethnic groups (e.g., Asian Hall of Fame Awards dinner) and local high school mentoring events.