Russell Investments earns “best multi-sector fund” award

Money magazine recognises the firm’s multi-asset investing prowess for fifth-consecutive year

SYDNEY, 18 December 2017 — Russell Investments has earned Money magazine’s 2018 “Best of the Best” multi-sector fund award for the fifth-consecutive year. This category in Money’s annual competition essentially recognises the firm for providing Australian investors with the most innovative multi-asset solutions to help achieve desired investment outcomes.

“We are humbled to receive this industry recognition for multi-asset solutions for five years running,” said Pete Gunning, CEO of Russell's Asia-Pacific business. “This recognises our dedicated team and highlights the effectiveness of our approach. But there’s no resting on our laurels, as we believe it will take superior, innovative strategies to navigate through the market challenges ahead in 2018 and maintain consistently strong investment returns.”

Mr. Gunning added that the firm’s investment professionals recognise many clients are expecting them to continually identify new investment opportunities early, as an important path toward sustainable investment returns going forward.

“I believe our multi-year Money magazine award reflects our consistent pursuit of new drivers of investment returns, comprehensive risk management, disciplined decision making and dynamic portfolio management,” he said.

Andrew Sneddon, Managing Director, Multi-Asset Solutions added, “Since the firm’s multi-asset portfolios were launched, our investment team has been proactively identifying investment opportunities and implementing them when market conditions change. For example, very soon after the 2008 global financial crisis, we added equities back into the portfolios, and later as markets rebounded in earnest, allocated more to high yield, emerging market debt, equity factor exposures and volatility strategies. Looking toward 2018, amid a late-cycle market, have shifted more so into commodities, emerging markets and select opportunities in European equities, credit and currencies”.

The following five factors help keep Russell Investments’ multi-asset funds at the top of the industry:

  • Focus on investors’ long-term outcomes: Russell Investments’ multi-asset team has a thoughtful and integrated approach to asset allocation that incorporates the firm’s capital market insights and a focus on clients’ long-term outcomes.
  • Geographically diverse investment team: The firm’s depth of knowledge and diversity of resourcing for the global multi-asset investment team is unrivalled.
  • Process driven by active management: Russell Investments adopts an actively managed investment process across multiple asset classes, ensuring that the portfolios are readily adaptable to an ever-changing investment environment.
  • Use of innovative strategies: The inclusion of unique asset classes and strategies, such as allocations to global volatility strategies, separates the firm’s options from peers.
  • ‘Open architecture’ approach to manager selection: Instead of solely using funds managed in-house, Russell Investments blends multiple managers and strategies to bring clients a ‘best of breed’ approach.

In reporting on this recognition over the last five years, Money magazine has noted, “Russell Investments has continued to dominate this award, as it has for the past few years.”


About Russell Investments

Russell Investments, a global asset manager, is one of only a few firms that offers actively managed multi-asset portfolios and services that include advice, investments and implementation. Russell Investments stands with institutional investors, financial advisors and individuals working with their advisors—using the firm’s core capabilities that extend across capital market insights, manager research, asset allocation, portfolio implementation and factor exposures— to help each achieve their desired investment outcomes. The firm has AUD$368.6 billion in assets under management (as of 30/9/2017) and works with more than 2,500 institutional clients, independent distribution partners and individual investors globally.

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