Russell Investments earns implemented consulting assignment from NESS super

Implemented consulting pioneer delivers tailored solution to support positive member outcomes

SYDNEY, 13 December 2017 – Global asset manager Russell Investments today announced that NESS Super—which serves electrical contracting, communication and associated industries in New South Wales—has selected the firm as its implemented investment consultant to help manage AUD$700 million in assets. These assets recently transferred to Russell Investments.

"We’re very pleased for the opportunity to work closely with NESS Super to help them achieve strong investment outcomes for their members," said Jodie Hampshire, managing director, Australian Institutional, at Russell Investments. "Our role will feature investment consulting and implementation advice as well as the delivery of cutting-edge investment strategies to deliver strong outcomes in accordance with NESS Super’s needs."

NESS Super, which was formed in 1987, serves more than 14,500 pension and super members. They offer seven superannuation investment options for retirement accumulation accounts and six pension investment options. Following a detailed and comprehensive review, NESS Super’s Acting CEO Peter Murphy said they turned to Russell Investments in large part due to the firm’s extensive experience with superannuation funds, comprehensive range of investment capabilities and willingness to engage in complexity.

"NESS is of the strong conviction that Russell Investments will help deliver solid, repeatable investment performance for its membership," Mr Murphy added. "Russell Investments, with a strong investment engine and innovative staff, are the ideal partner for resource constrained funds who are committed to providing excellence for their members."

As NESS Super’s implemented investment consultant, Russell Investments supports the client’s reporting requirements and investment options, allowing them to focus on delivering higher value service to their members.

"Our ability to offer an array of investment solutions, specifically tailored to the needs of each client, is resonating in the superannuation community," Ms Hampshire said. "This includes a range of client superannuation funds drawing on the firm’s extensive investment capabilities to deliver cutting-edge investment solutions and great value for their members."

Ms Hampshire added that increasing interest in the firm’s implemented consulting model is driven in large part by the market’s dynamic nature.

"In today’s market environment investors need to be equipped with access to diverse, effective and nimble investment strategies," Ms Hampshire said. "We believe our world-class, investment capabilities uniquely position Russell Investments to assist superannuation funds achieve their investment outcome objectives. Also, importantly, our experience in the superannuation market means we are well placed to assist our superannuation client with additional investment-related needs such as stress testing and other compliance requirements as well as member communications."

About Russell Investments

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