Our open architecture approach incorporates best-of-breed asset manager strategies to achieve stronger risk-adjusted returns.

Russell Investments offer a range of equity funds, including actively managed and factor-based solutions, both regional and global. With full visibility into stock level holdings, we dynamically manage allocations using our proven investment strategy process, with the aim to achieve stronger risk-adjusted returns than can typically be achieved by a single active manager.


Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Our multi-manager approach is especially powerful in emerging markets and frontier markets; helping investors overcome capacity challenges and access the most interesting opportunities.


China Equity Fund

We believe that investors can benefit from our local presence to exploit the full range of regulatory, social and economic factors that influence the Chinese market.

Gold Key 

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More funds and strategies

Our focus is simple: to make your life easier. We create customized investment programs that tailor the level of outsourcing discretion to your unique needs.




Multi-asset funds

Multi-asset funds




Fixed income funds

Fixed income funds




Alternative investing strategies

Alternative investing strategies




Responsible investing

Responsible investing

Any opinion expressed is that of Russell Investments, is not a statement of fact, is subject to change and does not constitute investment advice.

The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

Investing in frontier and emerging markets carries a greater risk due to uncertainties such as international political developments, changes in government policies and other developments in laws and regulations. Furthermore, the legal infrastructure, accounting, auditing and reporting standards may not provide the degree of investor protection or transparency associated with investment in major securities markets.