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Fund holdings as of the report date is unaudited, and the accuracy and completeness of the information contained herein is not guaranteed. It is made available on an "as is" basis, and Russell Investments does not make any warranty or representation regarding the information. Russell Investments assumes no obligation to update or supplement the schedule of investments to reflect subsequent changes. Russell Investments reserves the right at any time and without notice to change, amend or cease publishing the information.

In addition to the fund's schedule of investments, a fund may also invest in foreign currency exchange contracts. Current and future portfolio holdings are subject to risk.

For more information regarding the fund and its holdings, please see the most recent Quarterly, Semiannual or Annual Report of the Russell Investment Company Funds.


Effective June 10, 2019, the RIC Tax-Managed Real Assets Fund was launched.

Effective March 1, 2019 the Global Opportunistic Credit Fund was renamed the Opportunistic Credit Fund.

Effective January 10, 2019, the RIC U.S. Mid Cap Equity Fund was closed to investments by new shareholders and the Fund was liquidated on May 22, 2019.

Effective January 1, 2019, the U.S. Defensive Equity Fund was renamed the Sustainable Equity Fund. Also, effective January 1, 2019, the investment strategy of the U.S. Defensive Equity Fund was changed to "pursuing a sustainable investment strategy."

Effective September 12, 2018, the U.S. Core Equity Fund was renamed the Equity Income Fund. Also effective September 12, 2018, the investment objective of the U.S. Core Equity Fund was changed to provide long term capital growth and current income.

Russell Investment Company Funds

As of 07/31/2019
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LifePoints® Funds Target Portfolio Series

As of 07/31/2019
Fund Month end holdings
Conservative Strategy Download
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Fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses should be carefully considered before investing. A summary prospectus, if available, or a prospectus containing this and other important information can be obtained by calling 800-787-7354 or by visiting the prospectus and reports page to download one. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

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