Consumer protection

Russell Investments has learned of a fraudulent and illegal scheme by an individual or individuals to solicit participation in a “Guaranteed trading” “investment deal.” The scheme may be communicated by e-mail and may use the name of Colette Taylor, Russell Investments’ Managing Director of Trust Services. The scheme may also indicate that Russell Investments Capital is the entity responsible for the “investment deal.”

Please be aware that neither Colette Taylor, Russell Investments Capital nor Russell Investments is affiliated or associated with this scheme in any way. Should you be contacted to participate in the described scheme, we strongly urge that you do not respond.

We are aggressively working to stop this illegal activity.

March 18, 2016
Russell Investments has learned of an organization named "Sheikh Yasin Investments" that has illegally copied text, pictures and other content from Sheikh Yasin Investments may now be fraudulently contacting potential investors using the pictures and names of Russell Investments associates in an effort to garner new customers.

Please note that Sheikh Yasin Investments is not sponsored by or affiliated with Russell Investments. Should you be contacted by this organization, we strongly urge that you do not respond.

We are working to stop the activities of this fraudulent organization.

November 7, 2012
Russell Investments has been notified that a recent news release announced the supposed merger of "Prudential Global Real Estate Corp. and Global Capital & Financial Corp." with "Russell Assets Management Corp."

Based on preliminary research, we believe the announcement is fictitious and potentially fraudulent.

Please be advised that Russell Investments has no association or affiliation with any of the mentioned entities and that this announcement has nothing whatsoever to do with Russell Investments.

Russell Investments has been notified of the existence of several Web sites that present information illegally copied from The offending sites appear in both English and Spanish and include the terms "escrow" or "fia" in their Web addresses. The sites advertise job vacancies and invite readers to make contact via e-mail or phone call. We strongly urge that readers do not respond to these invitations.

Please note that these fraudulent sites are not sponsored by or affiliated with Russell Investments.

We are working to have these sites taken down as quickly as possible.

Russell Investments has become aware of a fraudulent scheme in which attorneys and other professionals may be contacted by individuals misrepresenting themselves, and purported client(s), as associated with Russell Investments when requesting assistance with the purchase of real or personal property. These communications may originate in Canada on what may appear to be the letterhead of the firm's Canadian office. Please be assured that these communications are not from Russell Investments, do not involve our associates or clients and have not been authorized by Russell Investments. We are working with the appropriate authorities on this matter.

Should you have information that may be relevant to this matter, or receive contact from someone involving this type of scheme, please contact your local law enforcement authorities, including your State Attorney General's Office.