Non-Profit Outsourced CIO

Your mission is important.
We can help achieve it.

Your non-profit organization is focused on improving lives and strengthening communities. We understand this. We are focused on helping ensure you have the assets you need to do that work.

Today's complex markets, coupled with resource and time constraints have led one in three non-profits to outsource their investment solution¹. This is commonly referred to as Outsourced Chief Investment Officer or simply "Outsourced CIO" or "OCIO." But what is outsourced CIO? And how do you choose the right solution?

Not all outsourcing solutions are created equal

Why settle for just advice or implementation when you can have both? Other questions you should be asking include:

  • Are they active or passive? Single manager or multi-manager?
  • Do they take ownership interest in the investment managers they hire?
  • Are they new to the investment outsourcing field?

Use our tools to help you choose the right outsourced CIO provider for your organization.

Further your mission with our experience

Our evidence-driven approach blends our consulting expertise with asset allocation, manager research and portfolio construction. We combine:

  • strategic advice,
  • portfolio implementation,
  • and administrative services.

We put it all together in a tailored solution focused on your goals.

We have committed specialists

Managing portfolios in real-time requires time, money and staff who can act quickly and with precision. We have what it takes:

  • Dedicated account team averaging 20 years non-profit experience
  • More than 500 global investment professionals
  • 60 full-time investment manager researchers
  • Almost four decades of serving non-profit clients

Extend your team with ours. Our mission is to help you achieve yours.

The non-profit fiduciaries' handbook

A step-by-step guide to investment strategy for non-profit investors

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