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Outsource your trading to streamline for greater control of your investment decisions.

Our global multi-asset trading desk delivers scalable solutions to meet the trading and execution needs of asset owners and asset managers.

We act as an extension of our client's investment team and procedures, whether accessing a specific sub-asset class or managing trading outside local business hours.


Our suite of trading and execution services

Russell Investments trading desk accesses over 100 countries globally. In 2021, our trading group executed over USD 2.5 trillion across all asset classes. The 24-hour trading team is committed to execution excellence while our operations team oversees operational efficiencies.


We execute trades using our multi-venue institutional platform, actively trading and transacting through numerous execution outlets globally with unbiased access to a wide universe of liquidity sources.

Our differentiating approach allows our traders access to broad yet deep subsets of liquidity, which lends to lower impact costs and better outcomes.


Our global multi-venue strategy utilizes over 400 firms ranging from large bulge bracket brokers and banks to small regional dealers and specialty firms, providing market depth and global reach on behalf of our clients across 106 countries and 33 currencies. With advanced technology, our trading desk incorporates leading tools and propriety applications.

We leverage multiple execution technologies, including Tradeweb, MarketAxess, Yieldbroker, Bloomberg, Trumid, AIM, and TOMS. Technologies employed have been highly customized, including aggregating data for pricing, scores, and buy-side liquidity options.


Our top priority is achieving optimal results for our clients while minimizing trading costs. We do this through proper implementation, netting at the fund level, and crossing. We have established strong relationships with 25 counterparty banks and have 50 streaming liquidity providers.

All Russell Investments' trades are assessed by our internal transaction cost analysis (TCA) and sent to FX Transparency, a third-party TCA specialist for FX.


We have a dedicated team whose primary focus is Commission Recapture. Implementing Commission Sharing Agreements (CSA) to meet the research needs of our clients.

Providing Research Payment Account (RPA) solutions for MiFID specific considerations.


We are a superior provider of top-notch execution results5 across asset classes. Our access to global institutional trading platforms and our aggregation of order and flow, combined with advanced technology, enable us to source liquidity from all outlets to maximize opportunities.

Why Russell Investments for Trading and Execution?

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Dual registration

Our structure with dual registration as both investment manager and trading broker enables you to leverage our extensive buy and sell side trading network.

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Multi-venue trading

Through our multi-venue trading approach, Russell investments reduces transaction costs.1

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Global access

Access to Exchanges, dealers, MTF’s, Crossing Networks, across a multi-asset dealing desk.

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Continuous coverage

Our executing desk is staffed by asset class specialists with visibility to program level data to prioritize exposure risk and execution quality.

An experienced, well-resourced global outsourced trading team

USD $2.5t

Traded in 2021

100⁺ markets

Ability to trade in markets

35⁺ years

Experience trading assets for clients

24⁺ traders

All specializing by asset class and instrument

17 years

Trading specialist average years of experience


Fixed Income Price improvement vs. Top 20 Asset Managers


Equity Price Improvement vs Elkins McSherry Peer Universe


FX price improvement vs FX Transparency Manager Universe

Customized Portfolio Solutions

Specialist expertise and strategies to help your team gain greater portfolio control, limit costs, reduce risk, and enhance returns.

Transition management

We help clients to manage their risks and investment performance when restructuring their portfolios or asset classes.

Overlay services

This is an essential tool for managing large pools of capital as derivative overlays help manage risk elements and improve performance.

Currency management

Our program can result in a cost-effective solution for a core component of your trading and risk management initiatives.

Completion portfolios

Improve control of exposures and risk-adjusted returns, and reduce the cost of production while keeping your investments precisely aligned to your beliefs.

Russell Investments has been globally recognized for excellence in the investment industry.

We have a proven track record in investment implementation, with scale, client satisfaction, innovative solutions and more than 35 years of experience.

Russell Investments was globally ranked as one of the top 10 largest managers of factor-based strategies. This ranking is based on worldwide assets under management (AUM) from 58 firms (as of 12/31/2022) in the 2023 Pensions & Investments’ “Special Report: Money Managers.”1

Pensions & Investments Overlay Services Manager Award

For 19 consecutive years, Russell Investments has maintained its position among the leading U.S. institutional managers of overlay assets from 27 firms (as of 12/31/2022) in the 2023 Pensions & Investments' "Special Report: Money Managers."1

From August 2011 to March 2022 (37 out of 42 quarters), Russell Investments Implementation Services, LLC was ranked as a top-tier broker in Pensions & Investments’ (P&I) Tradewatch report based on the quality of its trade execution. In 2023, P&I discontinued their report.1, 3

Pensions expert - Currency Manager of The Year 2022

Russell Investments was named the "Currency Manager the Year" winner at Pensions Expert's 2022 Pension and Investment Provider Awards for performance, innovation, and service standards.2

Implementation Resources


Managing Exposures Knowledge Exchange

How exposed are you? When it comes to risk management, we've got you covered.

Q2 2023 UPDATE

Quarterly Trading Report

A tale of two different responses to the debt-ceiling saga.

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