Healthcare and hospital systems

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Hospital and healthcare systems have been relying on us to help ensure their investment programs are aligned with their overall financial objectives for nearly 40 years.

Offering holistic investment solutions for your long-term or operating pools, defined benefit plan, defined contribution plan, foundation assets, and insurance assets.

We provide outsourced CIO (OCIO) solutions as well as custom investment solutions such as consulting, dynamic, multi-asset class investment management, and implementation services to healthcare organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity.

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Designed to maximize return potential, efficiently manage risk, and reduce costs for health systems.

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Cutting-edge research written for you by our analysts, and designed to deliver knowledge.

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You retain fiduciary oversight over your program, while delegating the day-to-day investment operations to us.

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You can count on these guiding principles that underline our investment approach


We remove emotional and behavioral biases and focus on a research-driven approach to investing. We consider and evaluate the broadest investment opportunity set available, seek returns where opportunity is greatest, and exercise stringent investment discipline to keep your portfolio on an even keel.


No single asset manager can do it all. We leverage our industry manager research to find the asset managers we believe to be among the best in the world, then work to incorporate them in a portfolio specifically designed to meet your risk and return requirements.


It’s not enough to beat benchmark returns. We start with an understanding of your objectives and then design an investment solution tailored to meet your goals.


Our investment capabilities enable us to quickly respond to changing market dynamics. Timing and efficient implementation matter, and every basis point counts.


Our investment solutions are designed to help you increase returns and reduce risk, all while staying within your fee budget. We put our scale, purchasing power, and access to work on your behalf.


It’s critical to “know what you own” before making changes to your investment portfolio. We leverage cutting-edge tools and software to help mitigate unexpected outcomes.

Russell Investments' multi-asset approach is core to what we deliver to our OCIO clients

Multi-asset investing is the process of incorporating exposures to a globally diverse mix of asset classes and dynamically managing those exposures to capture short-term market opportunities and to mitigate risks. We incorporate this approach into every outsourced CIO solution we build for our clients.

The pies below illustrate a typical approach and Russell Investments' multi-asset approach. We believe this is what makes us a best-in-class solution, a cut above the rest.

Image for illustrative purposes only.

The "typical" portfolio, shown on the left above, is constructed using single asset class sleeves combined with an additional tactical sleeve bolted onto the portfolio. In this type of portfolio construction, each sleeve is managed separately, and the tactical sleeve is applied without taking into account the current position and risk budget of the managers in each individual asset class sleeve.

In the Russell Investments' multi-asset approach, shown on the right above, the decision about what tactical shifts to make are informed by the underlying holdings of the managers and strategies, plus the risk budget of the total portfolio and the shifts taking place in the market. This approach gives our portfolio managers greater flexibility to adapt the portfolio to short-term market shifts to help retain long-term return potential.

This approach requires the skills of a team of full-time, dedicated, experienced investment professionals and this capability is built into every OCIO solution we offer to our non-profit clients.

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Our Healthcare fiduciary's guidebook is a step-by-step guide for non-profit hospital and healthcare systems. A fiduciary roadmap to help simplify your complex investment programs.

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