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Case studies and research

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Case studies

Healthcare system: Reduced complexity, reduced volatility, and improved pension funded status
An organization with a financially strong system was considering acquisitions. Management and the investment committee realized the need to align their investment strategy with the overall financial goals of the system.

Healthcare system: Bringing together investment strategy and future business needs
With the probability of issuing additional debt in the near future, management wanted to ensure a stable credit rating and wanted to align investment strategy with overall financial goals.

Hospital system increased returns and managed volatility with custom overlay program
Learn how we addressed this client’s unique needs and objectives, by crafting a custom overlay program combining: implementation, liquidity and investment management, and administrative coordination services.

Health system insurance company
Find out how this health system insurance company improved alignment of the investment strategy with the insurance market.

Health system
Learn how we helped implement three key changes for a regional hospital to reduce the likelihood and frequency of future unexpected pension contributions, along with their potential negative impact on the overall financial health of their hospital.

Professional liability insurance company
Discover how we served as a strategic partner for an organization's investment committee and staff, enabling them to benefit from greater diversification and breadth of investment strategies, and a reduced administrative workload.

Healthcare system
Explore how we reduced post-consolidation complexity by developing an integrated risk financial framework in this client case study.

Research articles

The 2021 re-evaluation list for non-profits and healthcare
Amid the pandemic, should healthcare systems explore other income strategies next year? Learn five issues to pay attention to in 2021.

A framework for tailoring investment decisions to the enterprise
How to evaluate asset allocation decisions considering: asset pools, market environment, and income statement. See our framework.

3 key issues for hospital and health system fiduciaries to consider in a post-COVID world
As the healthcare industry slowly shifts from crisis mode to recovery mode, we believe it's imperative for fiduciaries to ensure that their organization's investment strategy is aligned with its financial goals.

5 factors for healthcare organizations to consider when choosing an OCIO provider
Not all OCIO providers are created equally. Learn what to look for when searching for an OCIO provider and what they should do for your organization.

Cash-strapped hospitals: What’s the best way to meet short-term needs?
Why busy hospitals are hurting for cash? Where can help be found? See if tapping into long-term investments is the right move. 

Quitting tobacco: See if ESG exclusions hurt performance
At least 50% of U.S. and global managers underweight tobacco, our research reveals. Do tobacco exclusions impact portfolio performance? 

3 reasons why we believe private markets are an attractive alternative
The case for private markets as the number of publicly-listed companies is shrinking. Can exposure to private markets narrow the funding gap?


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