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Enhance your hospital & healthcare system’s investment program.

Outsourced CIO (OCIO) for hospitals and healthcare systems

Our solution allows you to retain fiduciary oversight over your entire investment program, while delegating the day-to-day investment operations to our team of professionals.

Hospitals and healthcare systems of all sizes employ an outsourced CIO approach to help enhance their investment program and expand their resources. Our customizable outsourced investment solutions are designed to provide you with a holistic investment program, aligned with your organization's overall financial goals.

OCIO solutions tailored to meet your needs

Our long track record in both asset management and consulting offers you the best of both worlds. We integrate our "best-in-class" strategic advice, asset management, and implementation capabilities to provide an OCIO solution designed to meet your specific financial objectives.

Increased accountability

We will serve as a co-fiduciary and take responsibility for the investment decisions and processes delegated to us.

Timely execution

Portfolio changes, such as risk hedging and manager changes, can be made on a real-time basis.

Focus on strategic decisions

We will provide you with strategic advice and guidance on your entire investment program, allowing you to determine where your time is most effectively spent.

A genuine focus on outcomes

Portfolios and custom solutions are specifically tailored to the organization's overall objectives as well as the goals of each specific asset pool.

Cost efficiencies and scale benefits

Gain negotiating power by allowing us to leverage our size, relationships, and access on your behalf.

Access to a well-resourced team

Over 300 investment professionals provide the insights behind our products, services, and custom solutions.



Every hospital and healthcare system is different, and we create solutions tailored to fit the needs of the investment program.

Outsourcing options for your investment program

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