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Our top priority is supporting our clients' needs and keeping you up to date on the opportunities and challenges facing investors in the current market environment.

As the markets adjust to the current economic reality, we have seen extreme levels of market volatility. We expect this market volatility to continue for some time and believe it's critical to provide you with timely, informative information to help you effectively navigate the environment.

When available, join us for a series of live webinars, where experts from across the industry share their perspectives, address your key concerns, and answer your questions. Our recorded sessions are available for you to watch on-demand.

On-demand video recordings

Creating a responsive balance sheet: How TJU’s CIO improved financial resiliency and reduced post-merger complexity 

Alfred Salvato, SVP and CIO at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) discussed how an integrated risk framework was implemented across TJU’s balance sheet assets to align the investment risk positioning with expected capital needs over the short, medium, and long term.  

Topics included:

  • Building an integrated risk financial framework to align investment strategy with financial strategy
  • Should you shift from a single pool only with a long-term focus to multiple operating pools aligned by time horizon?
  • Consolidating investment pools
  • Increasing portfolio transparency—knowing what risks you’re exposed to when markets turn south.

Commercial real estate and the potential threats to the banking system

Held: May 11, 2023
50 minutes

Russell Investments' top market specialists were joined by:

  • Morris Chen
    Portfolio Manager, CMBS/CRE Debt Investment Team, DoubleLine

During the webinar, the speakers explored the commercial real estate market and its potential effects on the banking sector and broader economy.

Some highlights:

  • Discussion on the potential of commercial real estate debt to pose a systematic threat to the banking industry
  • Factors that may help identify more vulnerable banks and using that analysis to position core and fixed income strategies
  • The potential importance of rising cap rates in commercial real estate

ESG survey results panel discussion:
The ESG journey accelerates

Held: March 6, 2023
57 minutes

Russell Investments' ESG specialists were joined by:

  • Jennifer Wu, J.P. Morgan Managing Director and Global Head of Sustainable Investing
  • Rita Mangalick, Blackstone Credit Managing Director and Global Head of ESG

The speaker panel dove into the findings of our extensive global ESG Survey, which reflects the views of 236 asset managers across the globe, concluding with a live Q&A.

Key areas of focus:

  • DEI: Find out the current state of gender and ethnic minority representation on investment staffs and how that impacts asset owners
  • Greenwashing: Investors and regulators require rising transparency. How are asset managers responding?
  • Manager challenges: Hear the biggest challenge asset managers face when it comes to incorporating ESG
  • Dependable data: ESG data and reporting continue to be a challenge. How does this scarcity of data impact investors?
  • Asset class differences: a multi-asset view of ESG integration

Volatile markets affect your institution: How to tackle the challenges

Held: September 20, 2022
57 minutes

Hosted by the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), the webinar featured Russell Investments and Caltech speakers.

Topics discussed included:

  • Volatility impacts on asset classes, private market pacing, rebalancing ranges, long-term asset allocation, and policy benchmarks
  • Inflation impacts on spending policy and return targets
  • Roles and responsibilities of staff and the board
  • Market update and outlook

Russell Investments Chief Investment Strategist Erik Ristuben offered his view on economic and market data and the potential impacts to spending on endowments.

Douglas MacBean, Sr., Managing Director of Public and Alternative Securities at the Caltech Investment office, shared his perspective as a fiduciary regarding governance, markets, and current challenges.

Samantha Foster, Managing Director of Non-Profit Solutions at Russell Investments, moderated and provided some key governance and spending policy best practices.

The bond market in unprecedented times: Strategies for the road ahead

Held: July 19, 2022
53 minutes

Inflation and rising rates are creating sleepless nights for many institutional investors, particularly when it comes to the fixed income part of their portfolios. When will the pain end? And how are top asset managers shielding portfolio assets during these tough times?

Watch Albert Jalso, Senior Portfolio Manager, Russell Investments interview John Bellows, Portfolio Manager, Western Asset Management, and Michelle Russell-Dowe, Global Head of Securitized Products and Asset-Based Finance, Schroders Capital, on the following:

  • Effects of Fed quantitative tightening impacts on valuations
  • Insight on the housing market, corporate credit risk, and the default cycle
  • The state of liquidity in the bond markets, including Treasuries, Corporates, Mortgages?
  • What are the key supply/demand dynamics for bonds? Will selling get worse or better?

What will the Fed's next move mean for you?

Held: June 15, 2022
47 minutes

Watch this webinar featuring our seasoned pros, Paul Eitelman, Chief Investment Strategist, North America, Kate El-Hillow, Global CIO, and Erik Ristuben, Global Chief Investment Strategist, discuss the Fed's June 15 announcement to increase the federal funds rate by 0.75 percentage points to help reduce inflation without damaging the economy. They touch on recession risk, potential impacts on business activity, and the impact on global markets and other geopolitical risks.

Navigating the Crisis in Ukraine

Held: March 2, 2022
42 minutes

In this webinar recording, Kate El-Hillow, Global Chief Investment Officer, Erik Ristuben, Chief investment Strategist, and Rob Balkema, Senior Director and Head of Multi-Asset, North America at Russell Investments provided an update on the potential implications to client portfolios as well as the impact more broadly across financial markets.

Incorporating private credit into your investment portfolio

Held: November 10, 2021
60 minutes

Watch as Vic Leverett, Managing Director, Alternative Investments and Rachel Carroll, Managing Director, Consulting at Russell Investments hold a lively discussion about private credit. They'll talk about how private credit differs from private equity and the role it should play within your portfolio, what opportunities we're currently seeing in the markets and how asset managers are structuring their deals to capitalize on those opportunities, and strategies investors are using to fund those allocations.

Expressing your responsible investing beliefs in your fixed income portfolio

Held: October 20, 2021
60 minutes

Watch as Russell Investments' Lisa Schneider, Managing Director, Non-profits and Healthcare and Yoshie Phillips, Director Investment Research discuss the criteria and insights needed to effectively incorporate responsible investing criteria into your fixed income portfolio. Their discussion is followed by a conversation with Brian Svendahl, Co-Lead Portfolio Manager, Impact Investing and Managing Director, Co-Head, US Fixed Income at RBC Global Asset Management and Keith Brakebill, Senior Portfolio Manager at Russell Investments where they cover the specifics about current opportunities in this space, how to approach selecting the right managers and strategies for your portfolio, and how to effectively measure success.

Building retirement income into your existing DC plan offering

Held: June 16, 2021
60 minutes

Retirement income is fast becoming a popular DC plan option – leaving many plan sponsors the big job of figuring out how to incorporate it into their current offering. In this webinar, Rachel Carroll, Managing Director of Consulting for Russell Investments will be joined by Umberto Cirri and Russell Niswander from Nestlé, who will talk us through how they have approached rolling out a retirement income program for their participants. They’ll share how they modeled potential options, communicated and aligned their internal stakeholders, managed committee expectations, and selected products – all within the parameters of their global DC initiative.

Getting real about real estate

Held: May 6, 2021
60 minutes

2020 changed how, and where, we live, work and play, which has significant implications for the real estate sector. The big question is – how many of these shifts are permanent and how many are temporary? The answer to this question will have significant implications for public & private real estate investing going forward.

To help us look at this question in detail, we invited Michelle Foss, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Invesco and Bob Thomas, Managing Director and Co-Head of Real Estate Securities at DWS to join Russell Investments' Senior Research Analyst Adrianna Giesey and Dave Brunette, Director, Head of Listed Real Asset Research for a discussion about the public and private real estate sectors and the challenges and opportunities they believe lie ahead.

Investors - Are you ready for what's next?

Held: April 7, 2021
60 minutes

As we move from crisis to recovery, there are a lot of people wondering what comes next. Which changes from the past year will remain and which might not? What opportunities should we capitalize on and what risks should we be prepared to mitigate? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have the next best thing – Thimon de Jong.

Thimon is a futurist, luminary, and expert on the cross-section of human behavior, societal change, and business strategy. He will share his views on what the future may hold for businesses and economies. Thimon will be joined by Bryan Weeks, Head of Americas Institutional and Brad Jung, Head of our North American retail business for a discussion about the key issues that investors should watch closely as we transition to what's next.

Sustainable investing as a risk management tool

Held: November 10, 2020
90 minutes

Dave Chen, Adjunct Professor of Finance at Northwestern University and CEO & Chairman of Equilibrium Capital and Judith Mares, Senior Advisor at USSIF and President of Mares Financial Consulting, share their insights on the evolution of sustainable investing, the potential short and long-term effects of the current health crisis and social justice movement on sustainable investing considerations, and the impending risk factors that are likely to have an impact on investors in the coming decade.

We coupled this discussion with insights from Russell Investments' sustainable investing experts Emily Steinbarth, Senior Quantitative Research Analyst and Lisa Schneider, Head of Non-Profits and Healthcare Systems, discusses what the firm is currently doing to help meet these considerations and potential options available to investors if they want to explore this further.

The impact of the upcoming election on the markets

Held: October 14, 2020
60 minutes

National Political Correspondent for NPR, Mara Liasson, joined this session along with Erik Ristuben, Chief Investment Strategist for Russell Investments, for a robust discussion about the potential impacts of the upcoming election on the markets and the economy.

Mara shared her observations on the factors to watch leading up to the November presidential election as well as the potential impact of key senate and congressional seat turnover on the next administration's agenda. Erik shared his thoughts on how these potential outcomes could affect the markets and economy and what investors should be considering leading up to the election.

Fixed income market insights

Held: June 23, 2020

This webinar was focused on how the current fixed income market environment will affect investors' ability to effectively manage risk within their investment portfolios. Our speakers include: Kevin Turner, Managing Director, Head of Investment Strategy Solutions for Russell Investments, and Paul Eitelman, Director, Senior Investment Strategist. Special guests, Ken Leech, CIO, Western Asset Management shared his perspectives on the fixed income markets, and Howard Marks, Director and Co-Chairman, Oaktree Capital discusses the risks and opportunities in public / private credit.

The tradeoffs between U.S. and global equities

Held: May 4, 2020
45 minutes

Dave Iben, Chief Investment Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager, Kopernik Global Investors, LLC, and Jon Eggins, Senior Portfolio Manager, Russell Investments delve into the tradeoffs global investors are making when evaluating U.S. and non-U.S. markets.