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As the markets adjust to the current economic reality, we have seen extreme levels of market volatility. We expect this market volatility to continue for some time and believe it’s critical to provide you with timely, informative information to help you effectively navigate the current environment.

Please join us for a series of live and on-demand webinars, where experts from across the industry share their perspectives, address your key concerns, and answer your questions.

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Establishing a retirement income program

December 8, 2020
1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET

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Join Diana Winalski, Director, 401(k) Product Management at International Paper and Holly Verdeyen, Head of Defined Contribution for Russell Investments for an in-depth discussion about retirement income.

In this one-hour session, Diana will share the details of how she and her team rolled out a retirement income program at International Paper, how that program was received by employees, and what she learned along the way. Holly will share Russell Investments’ latest research on retirement income products and the things organizations should be thinking about when considering implementing this type of program - including how various retirement income strategies may be offered in combination to meet the personalized needs and individual preferences of participants.

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Sustainable investing as a risk management tool

November 10, 2020

Dave Chen, Adjunct Professor of Finance at Northwestern University and CEO & Chairman of Equilibrium Capital and Judith Mares, Senior Advisor at USSIF and President of Mares Financial Consulting, share their insights on the evolution of sustainable investing, the potential short and long-term effects of the current health crisis and social justice movement on sustainable investing considerations, and the impending risk factors that are likely to have an impact on investors in the coming decade.

We coupled this discussion with insights from Russell Investments' sustainable investing experts Emily Steinbarth, Senior Quantitative Research Analyst and Lisa Schneider, Head of Non-Profits and Healthcare Systems, discusses what the firm is currently doing to help meet these considerations and potential options available to investors if they want to explore this further.

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The impact of the upcoming election on the markets

October 14, 2020

National Political Correspondent for NPR, Mara Liasson, joined this session along with Erik Ristuben, Chief Investment Strategist for Russell Investments, for a robust discussion about the potential impacts of the upcoming election on the markets and the economy.

Mara shared her observations on the factors to watch leading up to the November presidential election as well as the potential impact of key senate and congressional seat turnover on the next administration's agenda. Erik shared his thoughts on how these potential outcomes could affect the markets and economy and what investors should be considering leading up to the election.

Markets & the election cycle with Erik Ristuben

Fixed income market insights

June 23, 2020

This webinar was focused on how today’s fixed income market environment will affect investor’s ability to effectively manage risk within their investment portfolios. Our speakers include: Kevin Turner, Managing Director, Head of Investment Strategy Solutions for Russell Investments, and Paul Eitelman, Director, Senior Investment Strategist. Special guests, Ken Leech, CIO, Western Asset Management shared his perspectives on the fixed income markets, and Howard Marks, Director and Co-Chairman, Oaktree Capital discusses the risks and opportunities in public / private credit.

Fixed income strategy with Carroll & Turner
Fixed income perspectives with Ken Leech
Risks & opportunities in public/private credit with Leverett & Marks
Understanding the Fed with Paul Eitelman

This time is different, right?

May 4, 2020

Bryan Weeks, Head of Americas Institutional and Pete Gunning, Global Chief Investment Officer, Russell Investments chat about the economic crisis and its global impact on the market.

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Evaluating opportunities in growth and value investing

May 4, 2020

Barry Dargan, Portfolio Manager and CEO, Intermede Investment Partners, Patrick Kaser, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Brandywine Global and Megan Roach, Senior Portfolio Manager, Russell Investments examine the risks and opportunities investors are facing when evaluating growth and value equities in today's market.

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Invested. Together.

May 4, 2020

Michelle Seitz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Russell Investments provides a company update in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The tradeoffs between U.S. and global equities

May 4, 2020

Dave Iben, Chief Investment Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager, Kopernik Global Investors, LLC, and Jon Eggins, Senior Portfolio Manager, Russell Investments delve into the tradeoffs global investors are making when evaluating U.S. and non-U.S. markets.

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Economic and market outlook

May 4, 2020

Erik Ristuben, Chief Investment Strategist, Russell Investments, discusses our outlook in how the world is unfolding and what opportunities are available, and then dives into strategic decisions you may have made and what you might want to consider going forward.

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