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Regardless of the size of your organization, we have the tools and capabilities to implement and manage the right solution for you. We deliver outcome-oriented OCIO solutions that align with your spending needs designed to help grow your portfolio over time.

OCIO solutions tailored with your needs in mind

We have a long track record in both asset management and consulting – giving you the best of both worlds. We integrate our "best-in-class" strategic advice, asset management, and implementation capabilities to provide an OCIO solution tailored with your needs in mind.

All figures as of 12/31/2021 unless otherwise noted.

Strategic advice

Non-profit assets under management receiving asset allocation and governance advice.

$26.2 billion

Capital markets insights

Actively managed in alignment with our investment strategists' views on market opportunity.

$340.8 billion

Manager research

Continually-researched investment products.


Industry excellence

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Russell Investments was named the winner of "OCIO of the Year" at the 2020 Pension Bridge Institutional Asset Management Awards for providing exceptional OCIO services to our valued clients.

Non-profit investment outsourcing guide

The non-profit fiduciaries' guide

Our non-profit digital guide is designed to provide practical advice, planning tools and best practice information to help you successfully fulfill your non-profit fiduciary responsibilities.

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Russell Investments' multi-asset approach is core to what we deliver to our OCIO clients

Multi-asset investing is the process of incorporating exposures to a globally diverse mix of asset classes and dynamically managing those exposures to capture short-term market opportunities and to mitigate risks. We incorporate this approach into every outsourced CIO solution we build for our clients.

The pies below illustrate a typical approach and Russell Investments' multi-asset approach. We believe this is what makes us a best-in-class solution, a cut above the rest.

Image for illustrative purposes only.

The "typical" portfolio, shown on the left above, is constructed using single asset class sleeves combined with an additional tactical sleeve bolted onto the portfolio. In this type of portfolio construction, each sleeve is managed separately, and the tactical sleeve is applied without taking into account the current position and risk budget of the managers in each individual asset class sleeve.

In the Russell Investments' multi-asset approach, shown on the right above, the decision about what tactical shifts to make are informed by the underlying holdings of the managers and strategies, plus the risk budget of the total portfolio and the shifts taking place in the market. This approach gives our portfolio managers greater flexibility to adapt the portfolio to short-term market shifts to help retain long-term return potential.

This approach requires the skills of a team of full-time, dedicated, experienced investment professionals and this capability is built into every OCIO solution we offer to our non-profit clients.

Take a look at our non-profit capabilities brochure to learn how we can help build, implement, and manage the right solution for your non-profit organization.

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What to expect from your Russell Investments team

You'll have access to an experienced, dedicated team focused on helping you achieve your investment goals. Your team will be led by a dedicated investment professional who will serve as your strategic advisor and relationship manager. This person will be responsible for working closely with you to provide you strategic advice on your governance level decisions, and will then be responsible for ensuring that those decisions are implemented appropriately. They will also serve as a conduit to our broader research, investment, and strategist teams – and will have the ability to pull in talent from across the organization to help ensure you have the right information and resources to effectively meet your spending and return goals. In addition to your dedicated relationship manager, your team will also work closely with one of our account executives.

On an ongoing basis, your dedicated account executive will manage and oversee all the daily administrative and operational details.

  • Custody services
  • Secured, online customized client website
  • Loan collateral administration
  • Audit assistance & regulatory reporting
  • Planned giving administration
  • Vendor coordination
  • Donor accounting & custom donor communications
  • Accounting & performance reporting
  • Securities gift processing
  • Endowment sub-level accounting

You will also have access to a dedicated conversion manager, whose job is to simplify the process of moving assets and vendor relationships from your existing structure to the one you’ve built with Russell Investments. And, you’ll benefit from regular thought leadership from our dedicated team of non-profit experts. Together, we work seamlessly with your board, investment or finance committee, and staff to develop and manage a customized investment program designed to meet your unique outcomes.

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Private markets

Private markets present non-profit investors both opportunities and complexities.

Make sure your strategic partner has the depth of platform and a total portfolio approach.

Explore private markets

Our non-profit investment outsourcing guide provides tools and practical advice for choosing the model that suits your organization.

Compare providers and learn how to conduct the RFP process to make sure your unique needs are being addressed.

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Non-profit investment outsourcing guide


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