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Private markets

Investing in private markets can help investors achieve their investment objectives with unique benefits not available in traditional asset classes.​

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Why are investors considering private market allocations?​

Return potential

Over the long term, private markets have outperformed traditional assets with the ability to tap into non-economic risk premia (for example, an illiquidity premium).

Reduced volatility

With valuations typically occurring on a quarterly basis, private markets do not experience the same level of mark-to-market volatility seen in public markets.​​

Inflation hedging

Private markets offer potential inflation hedging benefits, particularly for select natural resources, real estate, infrastructure equity and private credit strategies.

Accessing private markets

Success within the private markets sector requires deep market insight, highly specialized research, robust due diligence and access to "best in class" strategies. We have been delivering private market expertise to clients for decades with an extensive range of private markets solutions providing access to this complex, but potentially profitable pool of capital. In conjunction with our strategic partner Hamilton Lane, we can provide global access to the full spectrum of asset types including:

Private equity: Buyouts, secondaries, and venture capital

Private real estate: Core, value-added, and opportunistic

Private infrastructure: Core, value-added, and opportunistic

Private credit

Niche strategies: Such as natural resources, energy, and other real assets

Impact investments

Private markets provide a broad spectrum of opportunities across a variety of market cycles as well as additional diversification and the potential to generate attractive returns. It's important to work with a solutions provider who both understands this complex asset class and has experience delivering private markets to clients as part of a total portfolio approach. As an experienced outsourced CIO, Russell Investments can customize a solution to your organization's specific needs, employing private markets assets as a powerful tool to help your organization meet its objectives.

Harnessing the power of partnerships

Russell Investments has entered into a strategic partnership with Hamilton Lane to accelerate our private market capabilities.

The partnership delivers innovative solutions to align with our clients' total portfolios.

Together, we share a commitment to providing exceptional client service and offering customized solutions for our global clients.

More about this partnership

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Figures as of June 30, 2021 unless specified.

¹ Includes monitoring by Hamilton Lane proprietary analytics platform.

The power of private markets and tax-efficient investing

In this video Michelle Seitz, Chairman and CEO joined Bloomberg to talk about private markets opportunities—and the most critical thing to pay attention to: your after-tax, after-fee returns.

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