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How can Investment outsourcing help you?

What are the ways outsourced investment management helps get you closer to achieving your goals?

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Enhanced governance

If your board meets quarterly, you may have as little as 16 hours per YEAR to collectively make investment decisions. Best-in-class outsourced CIOs will help you delegate effectively, ensuring your governance structure is robust and aligned to your needs. You can focus on the decisions that matter and maintain oversight across your entire investment program.

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Tailoring the solution to your needs

Every organization is unique—with their own goals, circumstances, values and beliefs. That’s why leading outsourced CIOs must have the flexibility and tools to precisely align to these needs—improving the likelihood of achieving your goals, without compromising your values or beliefs.

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Lower costs

Global investment managers can help reduce your overall costs, using their scale to negotiate more competitive rates with sub-managers and pooling your assets with other organizations. Full-service outsourced CIOs can further optimize your portfolio to your fee budget—drawing on active, factor-based and passive strategies for a holistic solution.

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Reduced strain on your resources

Keeping pace with continually evolving markets, regulatory obligations, multiple providers and endless administrative tasks can place a significant strain on you and your team. Outsourcing CIO will add additional depth to your team, providing the support you need within a level of discretion that suits you.

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Timely execution

Markets change daily. That’s why annual or quarterly investment meetings are simply inadequate in today’s fast-paced environment. Global investment management firms, around the clock, dynamically monitoring and managing your investments day and night.

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Improved access to best opportunities

Outsourced investment management can help you cost-effectively access the specialist investment expertise you need. The best go well-beyond in-house strategies, extensively researching and rating thousands of investment managers and opportunities to find those ideally suited to your portfolio.


Our role: helping you achieve your investment goals. Period.


We do not take a cookie-cutter approach with your investment program. Dedicating the time to truly understand you, your challenges, your beliefs and your organization ensures our solution is ideally suited to your needs.

In a recent study, our clients ranked our understanding and alignment with their unique investment goals ahead of any other firm surveyed.¹


This is not our first rodeo. Your dedicated team will include seasoned professionals who have helped organizations like yours achieve their investment goals. They’ll hit the ground running with a deep understanding of the investment challenges faced by your industry.

Our investment professionals bring an average of 19 years industry experience with specialist expertise in DB, DC, non-profit and healthcare.²


There is a world of opportunities. Our globally-connected network of investment professionals delivers the best we can find and puts them to work for you. Every specialist integrates with our global investment platform, drawing on sophisticated modeling tools and years of research and expertise.

Today, our global platform is substantial, managing more than $320 billion ³—and guiding $2.5 trillion ⁴—in assets on behalf of investors all around the world.

Investment outsourcing guide

Tools and practical advice for choosing the right model to suit your organization.

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Locally, we work with organizations of all sizes.


The Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) model continues to evolve, having proved its mettle during the turmoil of the pandemic.

As sponsors of the recent Pension & Investments' Evolution of OCIO Conference, Russell Investments' CIO, Kate El-Hillow and Managing Director, Rob Cittadini comment on the changes and sentiment in the outsourcing landscape.

Kate El-Hillow

Kate El-Hillow
Chief Investment Officer

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We are global specialists.

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A part of your team.

We are not an arms-length service provider. Big or small, we are on this journey with you, working tirelessly to become an integral member of your team.

Trust, responsiveness and teamwork matters. Our clients agree, ranking our client service ahead of any other provider in a recent independent survey.

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This is what we do.

We began working in a co-fiduciary capacity in 1980. Today, outsourced investment management is the core of our global business and is a significant focus of our research agenda.

Named as the OCIO of the year for 2020 ⁵, our uncompromising focus has helped us grow into the 3rd largest OCIO provider ⁶—and one of the top 10 largest consultants7 —in the world.

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Global horsepower.

Our global investment platform fully integrates the full complement of capabilities necessary for any Outsourced CIO mandate.

Honed over more than 50 years, every aspect of our global platform is uncompromisingly focused on helping investors achieve their goals.

Institutional outsourcing handbooks

Fiduciary guidebooks

We know you've got a lot on your plate. With this in mind, we have created a series of handbooks—tailored to DB, DC, Healthcare and Non-Profit—stepping through the key stages every fiduciary should consider.

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¹ In a recent study conducted by Chatham Partners, Russell Investments significantly outperformed peers in multiple client service metrics. Firms included in the Chatham proprietary investment management benchmark: AllianzGI, Blackrock, BNY Mellon, Bridgewater Associates, Capital Guardian/ Capital Research, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Dodge & Cox, Goldman Sachs, GMO, J.P. Morgan, Loomis Sayles & Company, MFS Investment Management, Neuberger Berman, NTGI, Parametric, PIMCO, State Street, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, Wellington, and Wells Capital Mgmt.

² All data as at December 31, 2020 unless otherwise stated.

³ As of December 31, 2020.

As of June 30,  2020.

Russell Investments was named the winner of the 2020 Pension Bridge Institutional Asset Management Awards for providing exceptional OCIO services to our valued clients.

⁶ Source: Pensions & Investments, "Special report: CIO Outsourcing: OCIO growth assisted by volatile times", Issue date: June 29, 2020. Available at:

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