As a non-profit fiduciary, you have a difficult job. You need to ensure that your organization has the money, talent, experience, and resources to fund your mission. And you need to do this in an ever-changing market environment. This means you need to set clear and achievable goals, adapt quickly to rapidly changing circumstances, and continually look for the appropriate balance between investment risk and return.

We know it's a lot to ask, which is why we created this guide—to help non-profit fiduciaries effectively oversee their investment programs.

We hope this guide helps foster discussions within your organizations on the topics that are key to successfully funding your mission, such as:

  • Whether to exist in perpetuity or not
  • Spending rates, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and strategic asset allocation
  • Ways to enhance returns without taking on additional risk
  • How to access investment expertise, strategic advice and efficient implementation by partnering with an outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO)

Whether you use this as a discussion tool with your investment committee or board, or to onboard staff or new committee members, we think you will find this guide useful and informative. And, if there are ever topics you wish to delve into further, we'd be happy to hear from you.