In outsourcing, finding the right partner takes work.

We've been providing OCIO solutions to non-profits since 1987, and we've learned a thing or two about what it takes to find the right fit. The non-profit investment outsourcing guide is full of tools and practical advice to help you choose which model will suit your organization. Learn how to compare providers to gain a clear picture of what each brings to the table, and how to conduct the RFP process to make sure your organization's unique needs are being addressed.

An OCIO's job isn't to replace your team...

It's to bring additional resources to the table. And as a fiduciary, you have to decide where those resources can be best put to use. This guide will help you determine who takes on which roles, what aspects of your program it makes the most sense to delegate, and how to ensure that everyone is playing to their strengths. It's essential reading for non-profit fiduciaries who are considering issuing an RFP or simply looking to learn more about OCIO options.