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Investor Newsletter: Spring 2020

April 2020
Fight Fear With Facts

Investor Newsletter: Winter 2020

January 2020
The power of compounding

Investor Newsletter: Fall 2019

November 2019
The retirement income challenge

Investor Newsletter: Summer 2019

August 2019
Are your income sources producing responsible yield?

A guide to managed account evaluation in practice

April 2019
What are managed accounts in DC plans and why are they on the rise? Learn more about our due diligence framework for managed accounts.

The shortsightedness of investing in silos

February 2019
Improve your chances of meeting your organization’s goals. Read why dynamic, holistic multi-asset investing matters and can help you survive and thrive in today’s uncertain, volatile markets.

Best practices for preparing your IRS Form 990

February 2019
Stand out and attract support for your causes. Take a look at the ways Form 990 can be used to best reflect your organization.

2019 Healthcare outlook: Bolstering your organization's financial health

January 2019
In today’s adverse investing environment, learn how teaming with an investment partner skilled in implementation could help you improve your organization’s finances.

5 questions for 2019: Investing for success

January 2019
“Do I know the outcomes I need to achieve in this late-stage market cycle?” Read our response and four additional Q&A for 2019.

Research: Structuring a listed infrastructure portfolio

December 2018
This paper explores the structure of a listed infrastructure portfolio, including - rationale for inclusion in a portfolio and its distinction from other asset classes, liquidity, cash flow, and insights on model weights within the asset class, analysis about active management potential and common strategies.

Research: Best practices for responsible investing

October 2018
Research paper that reviews our responsible investing beliefs, policy and practice.

Hedging high yield credit

June 2018
Tracking error versus the High Yield Index benchmark, liquidity, transaction costs and carrying costs should be considered when determining the best hedging alternative.

Active and Passive: The case for both

March 2017
At Russell Investments, we believe in active and passive investing. And we believe the best plan is not to follow trends, but to focus on proven, research-based strategies that give investors the highest likelihood of reaching their outcomes.

Multi-asset strategy: Five reasons to invest

June 2016
Get highlights on what multi-asset strategy does and how it benefits investors.

Multi-asset strategy: Helping investors reach desired outcomes

June 2016
Find out what multi-asset strategy means to investors’ portfolios and their desired outcome.

A corporate pension finance handbook

April 2016
A practical overview for Treasurers, CFOs, CIOs, board and committee members.

LDI for DB plans with lump sum benefit payment options

July 2015
While offering lump sums adds an extra layer of complexity to an LDI strategy, this should not dissuade sponsors from pursuing LDI strategies for their plans. With a proper understanding and appropriate adjustments, LDI can reduce interest rate risk and help sponsors meet their objectives for their plans and the plan’s participants.

Strategy Spotlight: Exposure benchmarking

June 2014
This paper focuses on how benchmark deviations can be reduced by using exposure benchmarking, including: plan-level inflows and outflows, manager allocations, and policy targets.

Five ways your pension plan impacts your company

July 2013
For pensions, growing assets is not enough
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