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Investor Newsletter: Winter 2022

January 2023
Helping you make informed investing decisions

Investor Newsletter: Fall 2022

October 2022
Market performance during a recession can be surprising

Investor Newsletter: Summer 2022

August 2022
What is your risk tolerance?

Absolute return currency strategy

June 2022
Learn how this strategy may add value to diversified portfolios and designed to deliver alpha and lower total portfolio risk.

Investor Newsletter: Spring 2022

April 2022
Managing Market Volatility

Investor Newsletter: Winter 2021

January 2022
Global diversification: Consider expanding your investment horizons

Healthcare fiduciary's guidebook

November 2021
A practical overview for non-profit hospitals and healthcare systems

Investor Newsletter: Summer 2021

July 2021
Inflation – How it erodes the value of your money

Responsible investing roadmap

July 2021
A guide to developing a responsible investing framework for your organization. Read five key steps on overarching best practices and take the first one today!

The investment and management of frozen pension plans

May 2021
This Frozen Plan Handbook serves as an illustrative guide for those who have already frozen or are considering freezing their pension plan.

Investor Newsletter: Spring 2021

April 2021
Understanding value and growth stocks

Mitigating taxes while transitioning to a new strategy

March 2021
This paper discusses two tax efficient approaches to transition an equity portfolio to a new strategy:

A corporate pension finance handbook

October 2020

A practical overview for Treasurers, CFOs, CIOs, board and committee members

Defined contribution retirement plan handbook

October 2020
For DC investment committees, CFOs, and HR employee benefits professionals

EPI: How was this impacted by COVID-19

July 2020
In this paper, we cover whether EPI can still deliver expected benefits despite market downturn - specifically discussing the impact of COVID-19.

The non-profit investment outsourcing guide

November 2019
If you're considering outsourcing your investment program, we have a great resource for you.

The shortsightedness of investing in silos

February 2019
Improve your chances of meeting your organization’s goals. Read why dynamic, holistic multi-asset investing matters and can help you survive and thrive in today’s uncertain, volatile markets.

Active and Passive: The case for both

March 2017
At Russell Investments, we believe in active and passive investing. And we believe the best plan is not to follow trends, but to focus on proven, research-based strategies that give investors the highest likelihood of reaching their outcomes.

Strategy Spotlight: Incrementing — intra-month target weights to reflect reality

December 2016
Many factors can cause a portfolio to deviate from strategic asset allocation (SAA). The paper discusses incrementing the SAA using an overlay program.

Using overlays to balance the yin and yang of your Non-profit portfolio

December 2016
Yin and yang; risk management and return enhancement. See how three overlay strategies can be used to potentially balance your portfolio.

Defined Contribution plan re-enrollment: A fiduciary imperative? (Updated)

March 2016
This paper looks at the role re-enrollment can play in guiding DC participants to an appropriate asset allocation, potential roadblocks, solutions, and successful implementation.

Value? Growth? Or Both?

April 2014
Using both growth and value investments allows investors to allocate assets both strategically and tactically, based on their individual objectives, while maintaining exposure to the potential benefits of diversification across styles.