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Access our best thinking on the issues our clients care about the most. Our interactive tools, videos, podcasts and articles are designed to provide insights on the hardest challenges investors face.



A deep dive into the investing world. Join our podcast, where we sit down with some of our top investment strategists.

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Got five minutes for global markets? Our short weekly videos put you face-to-face with our investment experts.

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Access the insights of our industry-leading authorities on global markets, advisor issues and institutional investing.

Market forecasts

Global Market Outlook

Navigating global markets is more challenging than ever. To get a sharper view, access the data-driven insights of our global investment strategists.

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Active Management Insights

Our distinct relationship with underlying managers gives us unique access to insights from specialists across the manager universe. Check out the latest insights from specialist managers from key equity and geographic regions around the globe.

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Private Markets Survey

Our 2024 survey represents $1.4 trillion in total assets responding to questions around the following five perspectives: Key investment strategies, opportunities and risks, value creation, impact investing, investors, and products.

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Market pulse

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Economic Indicators Dashboard

What’s the state of the economy? We've identified key economic and market indicators to help assess current conditions and compare them to historic ranges.

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Asset Class Dashboard

True understanding of asset class performance is all about context. Use this graph to help you keep expectations grounded in reality and drive toward good investment decisions.

Focus topics

Enhanced Portfolio Implementation

We believe centralized portfolio management is a must-have. But what’s the best way to implement and manage a portfolio? How do you gain greater control while keeping costs to a minimum?

EPI Insights

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Responsible investing and ESG focuses on the environmental, social and governance factors of investing. But does performance have to be sacrificed? How do you ensure your ESG efforts are having impact?

ESG Insights

Risk Management

How do you measure, monitor, and manage risks throughout your portfolio? How do you quantify market and liquidity risks? And how do you ensure you’re only taking risks you expect to get paid for?

Risk Management Insights


Investors increasingly use alternative strategies to help them achieve their return and diversification goals. But is your move beyond equities and fixed-income helping you reach your desired outcomes?

Alternatives Insights

Other insights

Managing through volatility

Are you prepared for the next downside market swing? How do you manage risk? This content collection can help with your investment risk management, share how we've been managing downside risk in our portfolios, and equip you with important truths to hold onto during unavoidable market volatility.

Explore how to navigate market fluctuations

Research library

Explore our library of longform research. We have a long tradition of deep thinking on the most complex challenges investors face.

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