Tax information

Access the resources you need for tax preparation and filing, including capital gains distributions reports, supplemental tax information documents.


Corporate actions

View all reports of organizational actions affecting basis of securities filed for that year.

Tax-managed investing

Every dollar you put toward taxes is a dollar less put toward your financial goals. Achieve your long-term goals with tax-managed investing.

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Value of Tax Management Tool

Value of Tax Management

Paying attention to tax management can make a real difference. See how tax efficient investing can impact an investor's ending wealth as well as their tax burden with this web feature.

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Russell Investments' Tax-Managed Solutions

Historical Capital Gain Distributions

Since the launch of our first tax-exempt bond fund in 1985, our goal has been to help investors maximize their after-tax wealth. The proof is in the numbers. Check it out.


Actual capital gains distributions

Actual capital gains reports are updated every month.

Russell Investment Company (RIC) Funds

Russell Investments' Model Strategies


Dividend announcements

Dividend announcements are listed by declaration date.

Supplemental tax information documents

Russell Investment Company (RIC) Funds

Form 1099 supplemental information

Updated annually, typically available by the end of January of the following year.

Income by country

Updated annually, typically available by the end of February of the following year.

ICI (Investment Company Institute) files

The following files provide CUSIP-level IRS information for Form 1099-DIV and other tax-related items, including: allocation of tax-exempt income by state, percentage of U.S. direct obligation and agency income, foreign tax credit information, corporate qualifying dividend percentages (for corporate taxpayers only) and qualified dividend income percentages (QDI).


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