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Simplify and improve your investment program.

Investment solutions for large healthcare systems

Strategic solutions designed to maximize your investment program’s return potential, efficiently manage risk, and reduce costs for your health system.

Some hospitals and healthcare systems have adequate in-house resources dedicated to the day to day management of their investment programs. For these types of organizations, we offer customizable investment solutions, designed to help ensure your asset pools are managed efficiently and cost-effectively, and remain aligned with your organization's financial priorities.


Implementation services for hospital and healthcare fiduciaries

Providing a range of implementation services helping hospital and healthcare fiduciaries manage their asset pools efficiently and cost effectively.


For almost 50 years, our global network of consultants and research analysts have helped institutional investors maintain efficient and effective investment programs.


  • Strategic advice customized around your financial goals and asset pools,

  • Investment policy refinement and asset class strategy modeling,

  • Capital markets insights, asset manager research, and

  • Efficient implementation of investment strategies.

Overlay services


Through techniques including smart cash equitization, rebalancing, and liquidity management, clients may help minimize implementation slippage and improve risk-adjusted returns.


We offer informed rebalancing and synthetic mispricing services designed to help clients profit from valuation discrepancies in the markets.


We act on an agency basis in currency trades, negotiating competitive foreign exchange (FX) rates for clients.

Currency management

Direct investing solutions


This approach is designed to allow investors to capture the returns of multi-manager portfolios in a central account, helping reduce implementation and custody costs. It also allows investors to easily integrate ESG exposures, restrict select securities, or position the portfolio for specific after-tax outcomes.

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Systematic equity strategies and dynamic completion portfolios

These strategies are designed to help you to gain exposure to certain market factors within your investment portfolio to help capture additional returns and mitigate unwanted risks.

Transition management

Managing the risks and investment performance of assets in transition is at the core of everything we do and have been doing for nearly 40 years.

Transition management

Commission management

Since 1969, our commission recapture program has saved clients over $1.3 billion, ($9.5 million in 2017 alone) through effective commission cost management.

Execution services

Securities products and services are offered through Russell Investments Implementation Services, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC, 1301 Second Avenue 18th Floor, Seattle, WA 98101, and part of Russell Investments.

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Investment guidebooks for fiduciaries

Whether you're a CEO, CFO, CIO, Trustee, Board Member, or Investment Committee member, you've got a lot on your plate. With this in mind, we have created these helpful guides for fiduciaries. Use them to foster conversations with your investment committee, train staff or onboard new board members.

With this in mind, we have created these helpful guides:

Corporate pension finance for defined benefit plans
Frozen plan handbook for defined benefit plans
Defined contribution retirement plan handbook
The non-profit fiduciaries' guide
The healthcare fiduciary’s handbook

Learn more here

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