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Unconstrained Bond Fund

When rates and yields collide, where will you be invested?


Where flexible bonds can really add value.



Investor benefits


Combines targeted exposure to attractive parts of the credit market with alternative and opportunistic investments to ride the credit cycle and optimise risk/return outcomes.


Real-time management and powerful analytics help manage risk exposures, making for greater agility in a constantly changing environment.


Intensive research process to identify best specialists and gain valuable insights into the success of different strategies.

Three key challenges facing bond investors today

In this short video, Adam Smears, Global Head of Fixed Income Research at Russell Investments, answers three key questions on the challenges facing bond investors today.

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Investing in a global mix of asset classes in a single investment portfolio.

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A broad range of funds, including regional and global allocations.

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Fixed income

A range of funds, including unconstrained and multi-asset credit, which target real returns.

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Increasingly used by institutional investors to help achieve both return and diversification goals.

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The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

Please refer to the prospectus of the relevant [UCITS or AIF or EuSEF or EuVECA] and/or Information document of the relevant [AIF/EuSEF/EuVECA], and (where relevant) to the [KIID/KID] before making any final investment decisions.

Some investments/bonds may not be liquid and therefore may not be sold instantly. If these investments must be sold on short notice, you might suffer a loss.