Absolute Return Currency Strategy

An alternative return-source with low correlation to traditional asset classes.

Why currency management?

Currency management and hedging strategies can present investors with very attractive return characteristics. They typically have little to no correlation with traditional asset classes and can work as a cost-effective strategy that adds alternative alpha to a multi-asset portfolio.

Why Russell Investments?

The Strategy combines three currency factors – Carry, Value and Trend – to capture a diversified selection of alpha over different market regimes. We use a systematic, rules based approach, rather than active currency managers, in order access risk premia in the most cost effect way.

Key benefits

  • Steady return sources, especially attractive given expected returns from traditional assets are low.
  • Currency factors (Carry, Value and Trend) offer persistent return sources.
  • Conscious Currency can increase returns without adding risk to a multi-asset portfolio, given low correlation to traditional asset classes.
  • Russell Investments’ world-class implementation ensures cost-efficient capture of currency factors.

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