Our top 10 favorite blog posts of 2022

Persistently high inflation. The onset of a bear market. The European energy crisis. Steep rate hikes. Recession fears.

Investors are used to grappling with a myriad of issues, but 2022 had more than its fair share. As stocks and bonds fell while rates soared on the back of aggressive central-bank tightening, spooking investors across the globe, the Russell Investments Blog was there to cover it all. We worked in tandem with investment experts across the firm to deliver frequent and actionable insights to clients and readers alike.

With over 200 blog posts published this year, determining which ones performed the best was no easy feat. Ultimately, we settled on listing the 10 posts that sparked the highest levels of engagement among our readers. So, without further ado—and in no particular order—we present our top 10 favorite blog posts from 2022.

Why sticking to a strategic asset allocation may be the best course of action for investors today

Chief Investment Strategist Erik Ristuben explains why, amid increasing market pessimism, investors may be better served by standing pat and sticking to their strategic asset allocation and portfolio weightings for the time being.

How advisors deliver value in challenging times

During periods of significant change like today, advisors who help their clients navigate their new reality can provide substantial value. In our annual Value of Advisor survey, Brad Jung, head of North America advisor and intermediary solutions, discusses the value advisors are bringing to clients in the post-pandemic world.

New private markets strategies to support your total portfolio

We believe one of the key factors to success when building a private markets program is to have a surgical focus on desired exposures across the universe of opportunities. Client Portfolio Manager Darren Spencer explains why this should entail access to private equity, private credit, private real estate and private infrastructure.

OCIO can elevate your investment program. Here are 4 things to look for in an investment outsourcing provider.

With so many firms to choose from, what distinguishes one OCIO provider from the next? Peter Corippo, managing director of fiduciary solutions, discusses four features we see as instrumental in setting an investment outsourcing provider apart from the rest of the pack.

Tax drag: Are your clients being held back on their investment journey?

Do your clients have a metaphorical rock tied to their portfolios? Rob Kuharic, our director of tax-managed solutions, explains why we see tax drag—or the investment return lost to taxes—holding investors back, much like a rock tied to a runner’s waist would.

2022 Prudent Pension Funding Report

How long could it take corporate defined benefit plans to reach full funding status? Brian Frick, director of investment strategy and solutions, Michael Hall, managing director, and Justin Owens, director of investment strategy and solutions, share what our research reveals.

Personalized Managed Accounts: A tax-managed transition

When realigning a client’s taxable portfolio to a new investment strategy, it’s important to consider how the transition should be carried out. Consulting Analyst Mike Roth unpacks when a timeline approach or a tax-budget approach may be more appropriate.

Score your OCIO provider against five key factors critical to healthcare systems

Your strategic investment partner is mission-critical to your organization’s long-term success. So they better be good. But how do you know if they are? Managing Director Lisa Schneider shares our questionnaire to help guide you through an evaluation process of your current or potential OCIO provider.

Tackling the DEI disclosure gap – why no data is worse than unflattering data

Gathering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) numbers across firms and jurisdictions isn’t easy, and the problem is compounded when some opt not to disclose their data at all. Director of Investment Research, Yoshie Phillips, explains that as clients increasingly prioritize DEI in their investment decisions, failure to disclose could mean missing out.

Non-profit portfolio considerations in the current inflationary environment

Non-profits and long-term investors are far from immune to the tide of inflation seeping into all corners of the economy. Samantha Foster, managing director of non-profit OCIO solutions, discusses key considerations for non-profits to weigh amid ongoing inflationary pressures.