Quarterly Trading Report

Q4 2023: Rally time

How did equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and derivatives fare during the third quarter? Our latest report recaps the performance of the four largest asset classes we trade.

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Our inaugural quarterly trading report details key insights from the three largest asset classes we trade: equities, fixed income and foreign exchange.

What is the Quarterly Trading Report?

At Russell Investments, our 24-hour global trading desk accesses over 100 countries globally and covers all asset classes, including equity, fixed income, and foreign exchange. With 35-plus years of experience and approximately $2.2 trillion traded annually through our multi-venue institutional platform, the latest trading trends and insights are always at our fingertips. Drawing on this knowledge, we provide our key observations from the three largest asset classes we trade each quarter.

Jason Lenzo

Jason Lenzo

Managing Director,
Head of Trading


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