Understanding the expanding toolkit of investment options

Investors are increasing their asset allocation across the private markets universe to access new sources of equity, debt funding, infrastructure, and real estate. Private markets have matured in the last 10 years to offer an extensive range of exposures with improved accessibility.

When investing in private markets it is important to consider the primary portfolio objectives and what tools you need to achieve your goals. In this three-part series we discuss the size and range of private assets; how to use the individual asset classes to achieve investment outcomes; and explore how to solve some of your greatest challenges with private asset solutions.

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Key reasons why investor interest in private markets continues to grow

Beyond performance there are several critical reasons why investors are attracted to private markets. We highlight where there are opportunities for increased exposure to private assets to support your total portfolio.

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New private markets strategies to support your total portfolio

Private asset management provides a diverse range of tools that can be used to target exposures or reduce risk. We explore the evolving private markets portfolio opportunity set and examine the metrics that matter when incorporating within your total portfolio.

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Using private markets to target your biggest investment challenges

Inflation, a low-return environment, supply-chain issues, decarbonization are all critical concerns impacting investors' portfolios. With 50 years' experience, we identify strategies that can be incorporated to help you navigate market changes and shifting global trends.

Why private markets?

Private market investments provide a suite of different exposures each with their own risk/return, cash flow and correlation characteristics so it is important to consider what role private markets play to complement your total portfolio.

Benefits of private markets for Investors include:

  • New return sources
  • Income
  • Diversification for reduced risk exposure
  • Inflation protection


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