Investment solutions

For more than 80 years, our global mission is to improve people's financial security. Whether you are trying to grow your investments, maximize your after-tax wealth, or generate sustainable income during retirement—together with your financial advisor—we can help you achieve your financial goals.

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Our investment solutions

There's an investment solution to suit most investors.

Inflation-proof your portfolio with our global solutions.

Aimed at minimizing tax drag and maximizing after-tax wealth.

Getting the most out of fixed income.

Real estate, infrastructure, commodities, and natural resource equities can help provide income, diversification and inflation protection in an investment portfolio.

Cost-effective, actively managed solutions.

Dynamically managed outcome-oriented portfolios.

Balancing yield and total return.

Diversified portfolio solutions for investors who are preparing for retirement.

Power through every market cycle.

Customize your portfolio with institutional money managers.