Multi-Factor Solutions

Cost-effective, actively managed solutions

Factors are the underlying characteristics that drive returns of stocks, bonds and other assets. For instance, Value, Momentum, Quality and Low Volatility are four common equity factors that have the potential to deliver excess returns over the broad market. Factor investing targets exposure to these factors to help maximize a portfolio’s return and manage its risk.

Our factor investing approach

At Russell Investments1, we understand factor investing – it’s been one of our core capabilities for more than 40 years. We believe there are three key components to a successful multi-factor strategy: 1) Identifying and understanding multiple factors 2) Thoughtful portfolio construction and 3) Dynamically managing factor exposures.

At Russell Investments we actively manage across multiple factors with the aim of generating incremental returns while managing overall risk.

Discover our four cost-effective, actively managed multi-factor solutions:

Russell Investments Multi-Factor Canadian Equity Pool
Russell Investments Multi-Factor US Equity Pool
Russell Investments Multi-Factor International Equity Pool
Russell Investments Multi-Factor Global Balanced

1Russell Investments Canada Limited, backed by the larger Russell Investments, benefits from these global capabilities.