Russell Investments Pools
Single fund solutions

There’s an investment solution to suit most investors

At Russell Investments, we have a rich heritage of directing the investments of some of the world's largest investors - some of whom have billion-dollar portfolios. This kind of investor cannot afford to be without a diversified portfolio. Neither can you.

Large pools of capital have always been able to invest wisely, in part, because they can afford to conduct sophisticated investment research and retain the services of consultants to design their investment portfolios. Through our experience in selecting best in breed investment managers and our multi-style approach, Russell Investments' sophisticated investment strategies are available to you.

Russell Investments Pools brings together the philosophy and multi-asset funds of Russell Investments with the personalized service of your financial advisor.

Together with your financial advisor, Russell Investments Pools provides a complete portfolio solution. Customized and designed to meet your investment needs.

Russell Investments Pools are designed so your advisor can help you create a personal profile and establish a tailored financial plan. Once you've implemented your plan, your advisor will continue to monitor your situation to help keep you on track with your goals.

Each Investment Pool is Unique

Because each Investment Pool is customized to reflect individual investor needs, goals, and risk tolerance, there is a vast range of combinations to meet your objectives. Sample investment portfolios through our combination of Pools reflect possible allocations for Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive models, that can be implemented by your financial advisor.


Sample investment portfolio

 Sovereign Pie chart

Your portfolio may differ from that of the sample portfolios. As a result, actual investor portfolio returns often vary. This difference is compounded by variables such as date of purchase and frequency of rebalancing to the original asset allocation.