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Ideally suited to organizations focused on investment governance and fiduciary oversight.

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How can OCIO help you?

How can a holistic and tailored approach get you closer to achieving your investment goals?

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Enhanced governance

If your board meets quarterly, you may have as little as 16 hours per YEAR to collectively make investment decisions. Best-in-class providers will help you delegate effectively, ensuring your governance structure is robust and aligned to your needs. You can focus on the decisions that matter and maintain oversight across your entire investment program.

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Tailoring the solution to your needs

Every organization is unique—with their own goals, circumstances, values and beliefs. That’s why leading providers should have the flexibility and tools to precisely align to these needs—improving the likelihood of achieving your goals, without compromising your values or beliefs.

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Lower costs

Global providers can help reduce your overall costs, using their scale to negotiate more competitive rates with sub-managers and pooling your assets with other organizations. The leading OCIO providers can further optimize your portfolio to your fee budget—drawing on active, factor-based and passive strategies for a holistic solution.

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Reduced strain on your resources

Keeping pace with continually evolving markets, regulatory obligations, multiple providers and endless administrative tasks can place a significant strain on you and your team. Outsourcing CIO will add additional depth to your team, providing the support you need within a level of discretion that suits you.

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Timely execution

Markets change daily. That’s why annual or quarterly investment meetings can be seen as inadequate in today’s fast-paced environment. Global providers operate around the clock, dynamically monitoring and managing investments day and night.

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Improved access to best opportunities

An outsourced investment provider can help you cost effectively access the specialist investment expertise you need. The very best providers will go well beyond in-house strategies, extensively researching and rating thousands of investment managers and opportunities to find those ideally suited to your portfolio.


Our role: helping you achieve your investment goals. Period.


We do not take a cookie-cutter approach. Dedicating the time to truly understand you, your challenges, your beliefs and your organization ensures our solution is ideally suited to your needs.

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Russell Investments was named the winner of “OCIO of the Year” at the 2020 Pension Bridge Institutional Asset Management Awards for providing exceptional OCIO services to our valued clients.1


This is not our first rodeo. Your dedicated team includes specialists with years of experience helping organizations like yours achieve their investment goals. They’ll hit the ground running with a deep understanding of the investment challenges faced by your industry.

Our Canadian investment professionals bring an average of more than 25 years industry experience with specialist expertise in defined benefit, non-profit and unions.2


There is a world of opportunities. Our globally connected network of investment specialists delivers the best opportunities we can find and puts them to work for you. Every specialist integrates with our global investment platform, drawing on sophisticated modeling tools and years of research and expertise.

Globally, we manage more than CAD $397 billion3 - and guide CAD $3.4 trillion4 in assets on behalf of investors all around the world.

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Locally, we work with organizations of all sizes.

Defined benefit (DB) pension plans

Through our holistic approach, we can help you decide what's right for your defined benefit pension plan.

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See how delegated investment solutions are designed to help union plans effectively pursue plan objectives.

Union plan overview

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Non-profit organizations

Discover how we can help you align your investment program and strategic advice with your non-profit's mission.

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We are global OCIO specialists.

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A part of your team.

We are not an arms-length service provider. Big or small, we are on this journey with you, working tirelessly to become an integral member of your team.

Trust, responsiveness and teamwork matters. Our clients agree, ranking Russell Investments client service best-in-class in a recent Chatam Partners survey.5

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This is what we do.

Globally, we began working in a co-fiduciary capacity in 1980. Today, OCIO forms the core of our global business and is a significant focus of our research agenda.

Our global organization was named one of the Top OCIO providers of the year for 2021 6, our uncompromising focus has helped us grow into the 4th largest OCIO provider 7—and the 6th largest consultant 8—in the world.

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Global OCIO horsepower.

Our global investment platform fully integrates the full complement of capabilities necessary for any OCIO mandate.

Honed over more than 50 years, every aspect of our global platform is uncompromisingly focused on helping investors achieve their goals.

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Please note all awards and statistics are for Russell Investments global organization.

Pension Bridge – 2020 Institutional Asset Management Awards – OCIO of the Year. Russell Investments was named the winner of “OCIO of the Year” at the 2020 Pension Bridge Institutional Asset Management Awards for providing exceptional services to our valued clients. Scoring criteria for this category included our successful implementation of our sustainable investment strategy for clients and our position as one of the world’s largest OCIO providers. Russell Investments’ services were scored against 14 other providers such as Agility, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Meketa Investment Group and SEI Investments Company. Pension Bridge’s Institutional Asset Management Awards are designed to recognize the institutional asset management industry for performance and excellence across various strategies, enabling asset managers to benchmark and prove themselves against their competition. Using a heavily researched quantitative and qualitative judging methodology, winners are ultimately selected by a panel of independent and impartial experts from the industry.
Source: Pension Bridge “Institutional Asset Management Awards 2020”, September 2020.

All data as at September 30, 2020 unless otherwise stated.

As of September 30, 2020.

As of June 30, 2020.

Chatham Partners Survey. In 2019, Chatham Partners, an independent consulting firm, was commissioned to conduct a client satisfaction survey of investment management clients for Russell Investments. The survey polled existing Russell Investments’ clients on topics related to their client executives’ responsiveness, understanding of clients’ unique needs/investment goals, overall client service, and overall satisfaction with the client executive. 114 Russell Investments clients responded to the survey, with responses based on a scale from one to seven, seven being “Very Satisfied” and one being “Very Dissatisfied.” The term “top two box score” combines scores of “6” and “7” responses as representing the highest levels of satisfaction and loyalty. The Russell Investments survey data collected was then plotted against additional survey data for approximately 20 financial services firms collected by Chatham Partners to provide the Investment Management Benchmarks presented. A copy of this survey can be made available upon request.

CIO Magazine - 2021 Top Global Manager of Institutional Outsourced Assets. CIO Magazine’s “Outsourced-Chief Investments Officer (OCIO) 2021 Survey,” results are based on the AUM from its fully discretionary clients, with information volunteered from 47 firms for the 2021 survey. Russell Investments was one of the top largest global manager of institutional outsourced assets based on the information volunteered for the survey. Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Magazine provides the latest news, opinion, and research focusing on the overarching investment issues affecting public and corporate pension plans, endowments, foundations, healthcare capital pools, and sovereign wealth funds. CIO publishes a bi-monthly print and digital magazine and hosts investment-focused webcasts. Source: CIO Magazine. (2021, April). "2021 Outsourced-Chief Investment Officer Survey." Available at:

Pensions & Investments – A Leading Outsourcer 2021. Russell Investments was globally ranked 4th amongst 59 leading institutional OCIO managers based on outsourced assets under management (AUM) in the June 2021 Pensions & Investments’ “CIO Outsourcing Manager Survey.” Our OCIO solutions has US$183.8 billion (as of March 31, 2021) in institutional outsourced AUM around the globe. Pensions & Investments delivers news, research, and analysis to the institutional investment market Source: Pensions & Investments, “Special report: CIO Outsourcing: OCIO growth assisted by volatile times”, Issue date: June 28, 2021. Available at:

Pension & Investments - 2020 Top Ranked Consultants – In 2020, Russell Investments was ranked as one of the top-ten largest consultants. Ranking is based on worldwide institutional assets under advisement (AUA) by the 2020 Pensions & Investments “Special Report: Investment Consultants”. Russell Investments’ global consulting practice currently has more than US$2 trillion* in AUA and a team with 59 consultants,  strategists, and analysts** located in offices around the globe. In 2020, Russell Investments was ranked 6th out of 80 suppliers listed.  Pensions & Investments delivers news, research, and analysis to the institutional investment market.
*As of June 30, 2020   **As of September 30, 2020