Accumulation portfolios

Diversified portfolio solutions for investors who are preparing for retirement

Accumulation Portfolios *

Russell Investments’ Accumulation Portfolios provide a broadly diversified portfolio solution for investors who are preparing for retirement. These portfolios offer highly sophisticated investment strategies managed by some of the world’s top investment talent.

Target your goals.

Accumulation Portfolios target investors looking for growth potential at three different levels of risk. With an equity range of approximately 50% to 80%, these portfolios use strategic diversification to help limit risk, dynamic asset allocation to help identify opportunities, and exposure to factors that may lead to more consistent returns year over year.

Make one decision.

Once you define the right growth strategy that fits your future needs and risk tolerance, a single decision gives you a broadly diversified portfolio with exposure to a wide range of asset classes and access to institutional-quality investment managers from around the world.

Stay focused.

The mix of asset classes, investment styles and investment managers within our Accumulation Portfolios is continually monitored and optimized by Russell Investments’ portfolio managers, who are backed by our global capabilities. Our capital markets insights, manager research, factor exposure, portfolio implementation and asset allocation expertise help us identify developing trends, while our dynamic management process allows us to quickly adapt the portfolio to remain focused on the desired outcome.

*Includes formerly known as LifePoints Balanced, LifePoints Balanced Growth and LifePoints Long-Term Growth (and Class versions)