Take your client conversations to the next level with our interactive tools. Bring your client meetings to life, support your conversations and reinforce key insights into investing wisely.


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Proposal generators

Create a custom investment proposal based on information supplied by your client.

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Retirement lifestyle planning tool

This innovative retirement planning tool draws upon institutional insights from the health of Defined Benefit Plans - the funded ratio - to help determine if your clients will have enough money to meet their retirement income needs.

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Manager allocation tool

This is an ideal client servicing tool to remind clients of how diversified they are within a single investment.The tool easily portrays the diversification inherent to Russell Investments for a client's particular portfolio.

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Rebalancing tools

Russell Investments Automatic Rebalancing provides the option for clients to authorize automatic rebalancing in order to maintain their agreed upon target asset allocation for their Russell investments Pool.
This not only saves you time, but introduces a higher level of portfolio discipline and risk management to your clients' portfolios.

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Russell Investments Pools fee calculator

This Excel-based tool will help you in determining the fee to your client based upon their customized portfolio:

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Russell Investments model portfolio allocations

Show clients what their portfolio could look like if they were a conservative, moderate, or aggressive investor using the nine Russell Investments Model Portfolios.

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Tax illustration tool

The Tax Illustration Tool is intended to show a comparison of the growth potential of a primary product investment versus a comparison product investment over a thirty year period and the difference in after-tax income from the distribution, withdrawal and/or systematic withdrawal of a primary product investment versus a comparison product investment.

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Top 25 security holdings tool

The Russell Investments Top 25 Security Holdings Tool identifies the top 25 security holdings based on your client's customizable portfolio. (Please note this does not include the Russell Money Market Pool or Class.)

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