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Investing in volatile times
Important truths to remember about market volatility

At Russell Investments, we help investors manage downside risk in three ways: by diversifying sources of returns, by using a robust dynamic asset allocation process to guide tactical positioning, and by seeking effective implementation capabilities. In this environment of high inflation and volatility, we have been dynamically adjusting our portfolio positioning to manage downside risk.

Stock market volatility

Portfolio construction in the age of uncertainty

Diversifying an investment portfolio helps smooth out returns and may reduce its dependency on the performance of a single asset class. Our expert explains.

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Volatility returns with a vengeance

After a relief rally during the first part of summer, significant volatility has returned to markets once more. What implications could this have for investors?

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Investor education and newsletter

From the impact of inflation to the benefits of global investing, our investor friendly resources help steer you in the right direction.

What is risk management?

When it comes to investing, risk management is the active mitigation of uncertainty that surrounds all investment opportunities. Investing is inherently risky. At Russell Investments, we do not seek to avoid risk, but rather work to ensure that the right risks are taken, with the highest likelihood of compensation. We work to ensure exposure to uncompensated risk is minimized.

The value of staying invested—Investor insights


"We believe one of the most important factors to an investment plan's success is the ability to stay invested."

- Erik Ristuben, Chief Investment Strategist

The impact of staying invested during market turmoil

Staying the course during market volatility is often difficult for many investors. Some choose to move to cash investments, while others try to time the market. Unfortunately, these investors are often buying high and selling low—and miss the rallies that follow the challenging periods.

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A lesson in the perils of abandoning your investment plan

The case for standing pat: Why we believe this is not the time to make changes to an asset-allocation strategy

Bulls vs bears

Bulls versus Bears

We believe that possessing the discipline to stay invested through the ups and downs of the market gives a diversified portfolio the best probability of meeting its goals.

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Market cycle of emotions

Emotions can be such a threat to an investor's financial health, it is important to be aware of them.



Keep calm and stay invested

3 guidelines to keep in mind in volatile markets

Market forecasts

Global Market Outlook

Navigating global markets is more challenging than ever. To get a sharper view, access the data-driven insights of our global investment strategists.

Active Management Insights

Our distinct relationship with underlying managers gives us unique access to insights from specialists across the manager universe. As the world navigates through unprecedented times, keeping a vigilant watch on the views of specialist managers has never mattered more.

Fixed Income Survey

We assess the outlook across the fixed income landscape by surveying bond investment managers throughout the year. We drill deep into fixed income investment firms' expectations on interest rates, inflation, credit fundamentals, emerging-market currencies and more.

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