Effective client reviews

Conducting effective client reviews is especially important during periods of market uncertainty.

Let this be your roadmap.

Additional resources for your conversations with clients:

The 3 P's of effective reviews

There are three key ingredients to effective client reviews: Perspective, Process and Poise.


Help clients gain perspective on world news, market headlines, and the value of working with an advisor.

Source: https://www.thebalancemoney.com/u-s-stock-bear-markets-and-their-subsequent-recoveries-2388520

Read transcript of audio recording.


Walk your client through your client-centered wealth management process, their plan and portfolios.


Be intentional about the words you use, and remember to authentically ask, listen and empathize throughout your meeting.

Preparing for the review

Any good review—especially during volatile markets—requires advance preparation. Gather and reflect on the following to help your review go smoothly.

Magnifying glass with an eye in it


Gain perspective

Market developments

Upward staggered line with circle markers

Articulate your process

Prepare your talk track

Challenging Conversations Guide

Review goals

Implementing a defined framework for discovery into your wealth management process provides a distinct opportunity to build deeper relationships with your clients. Be sure to review clients’ goals, circumstances and preferences, and financial plan at each meeting.

A new approach to discovery

Talk to Russell Investments about our unique discovery process

Review portfolios

Review portfolios and alignment with client's plan. Reflect on what's working and what isn't. Do you need to consider any changes?

Also: Please contact your dedicated Regional Team for a copy of the Client Engagement Roadmap Guide.

Person with circles icon

Practice poise

Review our best practices

Review 8 key reminders on client communication best practices

Determine meeting format

Consider whether the meeting will take place virtually or in person. If virtual, have a team member reach out to the client the day before the meeting to offer a technology dry-run.

Review our best practices on how to use technology effectively

Send the agenda

Send the agenda to your client at least 3 business days before the meeting. Include written instructions on how the client can access the virtual meeting technology

Conducting the review

You’re prepared! Be confident and remember to authentically ask, listen and empathize throughout the meeting.


Take time for personal conversation and adopt friendly client language.

Review the agenda

Walk the client through the meeting agenda. Make adjustments based on client's feedback and emotional state.

  • Perspective. Share your perspective on the current world events, market developments and the value of a relationship with a trusted advisor like you.
  • Priorities. Walk your client through a re-discovery process.
  • Process. Review the client's plan, tying it to their priorities and the re-discovery discussion you just had. Articulate and review product alignment and recommendation: Stay the course or make changes.

Articulate next steps

Schedule the next meeting. For top clients, consider introducing a Client Engagement Roadmap. (Please contact your dedicated Regional team for access to the Client Engagement Roadmap Guide.)

Make yourself available

Offer to talk to your client's concerned family members and friends.

After the review

You have finished the actual review meeting—but there are some important follow-up items to complete to ensure a good experience.

Follow up email

Within 48 hours, send a follow-up email summarizing next action steps. Consider also including:

  • Link to latest Investor Newsletter
  • Links to client-approved market perspective podcasts and videos
  • For top clients, consider also creating a custom Engagement Roadmap to help the client visualize the trajectory of their relationship with you and execution of their priorities (Please contact your dedicated Regional team for access to the Client Engagement Roadmap Guide)

Implement the next steps


Keep client informed as next steps are completed

Quarterly review materials

Use these documents to complement your quarter-end conversations with clients

Insights from Russell Investments' experts

Economic and market commentary that provides context and perspective

Global Market Outlook

Each quarter our investment teams summarize their economic outlook for you to read and share.

Market Week In Review

Each week our investment professionals produce a concise look back at important market drivers and events of the past week

Economic Indicators Dashboard

We've identified key economic and market indicators to assess the current economic health and trends.


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