Customize your portfolio with institutional money managers

What is a separately managed account (SMA)?

A SMA is a portfolio of securities managed by an investment firm on an investor’s behalf, offering customization and direct ownership of securities.

Why use separately managed accounts

Separately managed accounts provide individual investors access to institutional-quality money managers at reduced account minimums. Within this structure, the investor directly owns the securities in the portfolio, and can impose restrictions against the purchase of specific securities as a means of customizing the portfolio for their own requirements. This flexibility allows the investor the potential benefits of direct security ownership combined with professional management.

Direct security ownership may include:

  • Ability to transfer securities in-kind
  • Individual security reporting
  • Tax efficiency (loss harvesting, wash sale management)
  • Customization/restrictions (work around concentrated positions or personal preferences)

The benefits of Russell Investments’ Separately Managed Accounts

Using Russell Investments’ Separately Managed Accounts, investors can implement a tax-efficient approach that leverages Russell Investments’ renowned investment manager research, selection and monitoring. This process is our trademark, forming the cornerstone of our advice to global institutional investors for more than 50 years.

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An uncommon level of access

Separately managed accounts incorporate in-depth manager research to select some of the world's best institutional investment managers. We package complementary managers intentionally chosen to provide broad coverage of specific asset classes.

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Objective manager oversight

Russell Investments' objective approach to evaluating and selecting money managers is designed to be clear and uncompromising at all times. We hire and replace managers as we think appropriate with the goal of creating optimal manager combinations in pursuit of a particular investment's objective.

Product overview

Real Assets

Russell Investments Real Assets SMA seeks to provide long-term capital growth and income by investing in listed real asset.

Minimum account size (USD):

Inception date:

Typical holdings range:

Underlying managers:

  • RREEF America LLC
  • First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Ltd.
Real Assets SMA Overview
Real Assets SMA Quarterly Factsheet  Lock icon

Core Equity

Russell Investments Core Equity SMA seeks to provide long-term capital growth by investing in listed Canadian, U.S. and International Equity strategies.

Minimum account size (USD):

Inception date:

Typical holdings range:

Underlying managers:

  • Galibier Capital Management Ltd.
  • Scheer, Rowlett & Associates Investment Management Ltd. (part of CC&L Financial Group)
  • Intermede Investment Partners Limited and Intermede Global Partners Inc.
  • Sanders Capital, LLC
Core Equity SMA Overview
Core Equity SMA Quarterly Factsheet  Lock icon


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