Getting the most out of Fixed Income

What can fixed income do for you?

Fixed income isn’t traditional government bonds anymore. Whether you’re looking to mitigate risk, diversify from equities, or find new avenues for income in your portfolios, fixed income can be your solution. From investment grade credit to liquid alternative strategies, discover the full offering of our fixed income solution set.

Overview of our fixed income solutions

Fixed Income

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What are the benefits of a fixed-income solution in your portfolio?

There are several reasons you may want to consider including fixed income assets into your investment portfolio:


Diversify your equity exposure

Fixed income assets generally react in a different manner than equity to market events, providing an effective diversifier to your equity exposure


A potential source of income

Fixed income assets can be a source of income through interest or dividend payments.


May help protect your principal

Fixed income assets generally retain their value over time as they are less likely to suffer large drawdowns.


Smoother return profile

Through diversification and smaller drawdowns, adding fixed income assets can smooth out the returns of a balanced portfolio.

The next generation of fixed income

Fixed income still plays a key role in any portfolio—offering diversification, stability, and income potential. Our next generation of fixed income solutions takes advantage of global geographies, sectors, and third party specialists to further enhance your returns.

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Russell Investments Short Term Income Pool

A short-term fixed income solution for investors seeking an alternative to money market or high interest savings accounts.

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Russell Investments Fixed Income Pool

A core fixed income solution providing effective diversification against equities and a stable level of cash flow.

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Russell Investments Fixed Income Plus Pool

Provides exposure to Core, Plus and Liquid Alternatives strategies which aim to generate incremental returns. The Core component invests in Russell Investments Fixed Income Pool (45%), the Plus (47%) and Liquid Alternatives (8%) components invest in specialized strategies designed to generate incremental returns.

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