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Harness the power of global diversification

Investing beyond Canada’s borders can be an invaluable strategy to help protect your portfolio from inflation, reduce your home-country bias and expose you to new industries.

At Russell Investments, we believe globally diversifying in asset classes such as Fixed Income, Equities and Alternatives (such as Real Assets), can help reduce risk and smooth out returns in your investment portfolio.

Discover a world of diversification benefits with our global solutions.

Key reasons to consider global diversification in your portfolio

Global investing means diversifying your portfolio outside of your own country. For Canadians, this would include investing in US and international markets. Global diversification can help contribute to long-term investing success—and reduce your home-country bias. Here’s how:


Larger opportunity set

Considering Canada represents only approximately 3.1% of world stocks1, diversifying globally provides investors with significant additional investment opportunities.


Increased exposure to different industries and sectors

Canada’s economy and capital markets are heavily concentrated in a few key industries, such as natural resources, financial services and commodities. Investing beyond Canada’s borders provides exposure to flourishing industries such as big tech, consumer goods and services, and health care.


Low-correlation investing

Through investing globally, you increase your exposure to companies and assets that have a lower correlation to the ones already held in your investment portfolio, thus potentially decreasing volatility.


Fixed Income

Fixed income investing can provide numerous benefits including: steady income sources, diversification from equity exposure and principal protection.

For incremental income returns through exposure to diversified global and domestic fixed income investments, consider the Russell Investments Fixed Income Plus Pool—a total portfolio solution with Core, Plus and Liquid Alternative strategies.

Russell Investments Fixed Income Plus Pool

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Long-term capital appreciation, diversification and broader exposure are all reasons to consider equity investing.

Interested in increasing your exposure to global equity markets and diversifying your portfolio? Consider the Russell Investments Global Equity Pool.

Russell Investments Global Equity Pool

Curious to invest in foreign firms with small market capitalization across multiple styles? Consider the Russell Investments Global Smaller Companies Pool.

Russell Investments Global Smaller Companies Pool

Looking for a global equity solution that embraces responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles? Consider the Russell Investments ESG Global Equity Pool.

Russell Investments ESG Global Equity Pool

Looking for investment opportunities with return potential beyond North America? Consider the Russell Investments Overseas Equity Pool.

Russell Investments Overseas Equity Pool

Looking for growth potential and exposure to emerging market equities? Consider the Russell Investments Emerging Markets Equity Pool.

Russell Investments Emerging Markets Equity Pool

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Alternative investments, such as Real Assets (including global infrastructure and real estate), can provide downside protection benefits, attractive return profiles, as well as diversified equity exposure and inflation hedging potential.

For access to unique benefits typically not available in traditional asset classes, consider:

Private markets
(for accredited investors)       

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1Source: World stocks represented by MSCI World Stocks Index (as of November 30, 2023)