Multi-Asset Solutions

Dynamically managed outcome-oriented portfolios

Multi-Asset Solutions

What is multi-asset?

In simplest terms, multi-asset investing is the process of gaining exposure to a globally diverse mix of asset classes and styles in a single investment portfolio. Multi-asset investing may combine traditional securities, such as equities and bonds, with non-traditional approaches, such as global infrastructure and real estate. Russell Investments offers a unique set of world-class capabilities that we believe are essential to building a multi-asset portfolio. It integrates those capabilities with the aim of giving investors the highest probability of reaching their goals.

What are the benefits of Russell Investments' multi-asset solutions?

  • Outcome oriented: Target a total return rather than benchmark-relative measures, drawing on truly diverse sources of return, to help the portfolio weather different market conditions and economic scenarios.
  • High conviction: Manage risk across asset classes using ‘best of breed’ strategies in the broadest of opportunity sets.
  • Tactical asset allocation: Continuously assess the changing market environment and adapt asset allocation, strategies, and exposures to manage risk and enhance return potential.

Multi-asset solutions

We construct multi-asset portfolios by blending multiple asset classes together, with a view to capturing a balance between their characteristics in line with the individual client’s desired outcomes. We implement our views using an open-architecture approach, incorporating specialist managers and strategies across all parts of the portfolio.

Our multi-asset solutions: