U.S. Dollar Hedged Series

Funds for tax-sensitive investors who want exposure to the U.S. dollar

The U.S. Dollar Hedged Series is suitable for investors who want U.S. dollar-denominated exposure while maintaining key Canadian and international asset classes. The U.S. Dollar Hedged Series offers protection from movements in the USD/CAD exchange rate 1.

Why use U.S. Dollar Hedged Series?

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Permits access to Canadian and international equity and fixed income securities in a unique U.S. dollar format.

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Great for investors who want to manage potential volatility of the Canadian and U.S. dollars.

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Provides a solution for investors who have U.S. dollar spending needs, and spend significant time in the U.S., such as "Snowbirds." Provides a currency neutral strategy1; for business owners doing business with the U.S.

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Corporate class structure is suitable for investors with U.S. assets who are tax sensitive.

1The series will minimize, not eliminate, currency fluctuations. For more information see the current Simplified Prospectus of each fund.

A tax-planning tool for small business owners

Our corporate class solutions offer tax-efficient investing opportunities

The U.S. Dollar Hedged Series:

Russell Investments Short Term Income Class (closed to new purchases)

Russell Investments Canadian Dividend Class

Russell Investments Income Essentials Class
Russell Investments Diversified Monthly Income Class
Russell Investments Fixed Income Pool

Russell Investments Global Credit Pool


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