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Global Listed Real-Estate Fund

A diversified portfolio of global listed securities hedged to New Zealand dollars


We highlight the key attributes of the asset class, its evolving composition, and compare fund options for local investors


Why invest in real estate?

Real estate offers high diversification benefits. Historically, there has been a moderate correlation between global listed real estate and public equities and bond indexes. Real estate also has a high sensitivity to long-term inflation. High-quality real estate holdings mean there is the potential to move with rising inflation through rent or lease increases. While equity and bond-related indexes tend to suffer during periods of rising inflation, global listed real estate can exhibit returns during these periods of expected inflation.

Investor benefits

Smoother return profile

A multi-strategy approach reduces volatility and tracking error compared to single active managers.

Focused on future growth

Gain exposure to speciality global growth sectors, such as data centres, health care, self-storage and residential.

Expanded diversification across speciality sectors.

Expand your real estate portfolio beyond traditional core assets to specialty sectors for greater diversification benefits.

Why choose Russell Investments for real estate?

Speciality sectors

Global listed real estate has evolved vastly beyond traditional office, retail and industrial sectors with an expanded opportunity set to diversify portfolios and gain exposure to long-term technological and demographic trends. The significant growth in these non-traditional real estate sectors illustrates how today, investors in real estate can access more diversified and less cyclical investment opportunities that ae an integral part of the 21st-century real estate ecosystem.

Global experience in real estate research

We have been researching real estate managers for over 30 years and have offered multi-manager strategies for over 25 years. Our real estate team is located in six different offices around the world and our analysis covers market trends, investment strategies, and public and private real estate investment products.

NZ domiciled PIE fund

Our Global Listed Real Estate Fund offers a convenient entry point for NZ investors, all at a competitive cost. This fund provides an opportunity for investors to leverage the strategies of global investment managers through a tax-efficient, locally domiciled PIE fund.

Region, style & manager line-up

real estate 

**Performance is based off the MSMM Global Real Estate Securities Fund, launched in December 2005 which the Global Listed Real Estate PIE Fund is modelled off.

Diversified global real estate

The Global Listed Real Estate fund provides exposure to real estate projects located in 20+ countries around the world providing greater diversification benefits.

Adrianna Giesey

Meet the manager: Adrianna Giesey
Portfolio Manager, Listed Real Assets

Adrianna Giesey is a Portfolio Manager on the Alternatives team at Russell Investments with an emphasis on listed real assets. In this role, Adrianna has global oversight of portfolio construction, asset allocation, and direct investing within the firm’s listed real estate portfolios. Within private real estate, Adrianna is responsible for managing Russell Investments' US Core Open End Fund Strategies. She also retains manager research responsibilities for global and select US property securities managers as well as natural resource equities managers.

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