"We help you make informed decisions supported by our evidence-based research and practical insight."

Running an investment portfolio can be complex. Our asset consulting team brings the latest thinking and best ideas from around the world to help shape your investment decisions.

Specialist advice, tailored to you

We’ve been helping institutions manage the risks and complexities involved in professional investing for over 40 years. We research and advise on a wide range of investment issues and suggest solutions that are tailored to your particular circumstances.

Whether it’s as a retainer client or as a one-off project, we can help you with matters including:

  • Establishing a robust governance framework
  • Setting investment objectives
  • Determining your asset allocation
  • Structuring your portfolio
  • Selecting and monitoring managers
  • Implementing your investment strategy efficiently
  • Providing investment workshops for your trustees

Local team, global expertise

Our experienced local team is connected to our global network of over 500 investment professionals. Located on the ground in every major financial centre, they provide us with not only insights into current market conditions but also the latest thinking and best ideas to help shape your investment decisions.

Specialist teams include: manager research, investment strategy, portfolio management, operational due diligence and portfolio implementation/transition management.



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