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Representative client list as of March 2020. Please note that the logos shown above may be registered trademarks of the organizations represented. Clients may contract for a variety of services from Russell Investments. The identification of the clients listed does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of Russell Investments' products or services by such client.

Client list selection criteria

Global representative client list was selected from Russell Investments’ complete client roster and clients have given permission to publish their names (as of March 2020). Clients listed hold top AUM and/or AUA within their region and were selected based on who would be most relevant to the target audience of this content. Total assets may or may not represent the total assets consulted on by Russell Investments. Performance-based data was not used in selecting listed clients.


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assets under management1



assets under advisement2



assets traded through implementation services3


years in business



years in institutional investment consulting and manager research



years in multi-asset model portfolios for advisers and their clients


investment professionals who are CFA charter holders



offices worldwide



countries in which we serve clients


All data as of September 2022 unless otherwise noted. Total AUM includes: Institutional and Retail (Russell Investments' Fund and Separate Accounts only), Cash Collateral, Cash & ETFs and 3rd party (notional) assets managed by Investment Services.

1 As of 09/22.
2 As of 06/22.
3 As of 09/22.

All other data as of 12/21. All figures stated in NZD


Trusted by independent investment authorities as one of the world's leading asset managers

Ranked among the leading institutional investment outsourcing providers globally1.

OCIO leader badge

Ranked as a top global manager of institutional outsourced assets in the world2.

P&I Top 5 Ranked Consultant Award 2022

Ranked as the ninth largest investment consultant3.

top ranked model provider badge

Ranked as the number one asset manager model provider4.

Pensions & Investments, “Special report: CIO Outsourcing: OCIO growth assisted by volatile times”, Issue date: June 29, 2020. Available at: https://www.pionline.com/special-report-cio-outsourcing/ocio-growth-assisted-volatile-times | https://researchcenter.pionline.com/v3/rankings/outsourcing-manager/datatable

2 CIO Magazine. (2020, March). "2020 Outsourced-Chief Investment Officer Survey."

3 Source: Pensions & Investments. (2022, November 28). “Special report: Investment Consultants” Available at: https://researchcenter.pionline.com/uploads/datastore/consultant/consultant-special-report-1669653072.pdf or https://researchcenter.pionline.com/v3/rankings/consultant/datatable

4 Based on total assets. Model providers surveyed during 4Q 2019 were asked to provide estimated asset levels in models for accounts into which they had visibility. Source: Exhibit 3.02 Top 25 Asset Manager and ThirdParty Strategist Providers of Asset Allocation Model Portfolios, The Cerulli Report U.S. Asset Allocation Model Portfolios 2020.

Awards do not pertain to any funds or products mentioned in this presentation.


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